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STAAR Questions


What is Reconstruction? The period after the Civil War when Southern states rebuilt and reestablished their ties to the national government
In its economic activity of the 18th century, New England primarily utilized what ocean? The Atlantic Ocean
Where would immigrants coming to the US in the mid-1880's most likely find work? In the cities and factories in the North
What was a cause of the War of 1812? The impressment of American seamen by Great Britain
What is the 19th Amendment and why is it important? Women;s right to vote and it signifies one of the most important effects of the women's movement
What is one idea of the Declaration of Independence? People should control their own government
Manifest Destiny promoted what idea about democratic principles? Democratic principles should be spread to any area where they do not exist
The Proclamation Line borders what geographic landmark? The Appalachian Mountains
What did the Federalists Papers do? They defended the US Constitution
How do we get our Unalienable Rights? They are God-given
What is Judicial Review? The Supreme Court has the power to review laws and determine if they are unconstitutional
An amendment to the US Constitution can be made with 3/4's of the vote by? State Conventions
Why did the Pilgrim Leaders feel that the Mayflower Compact was necessary ? It was necessary to maintain order
What did the Emancipation Proclamation do? It freed the slaves in the Confederate states but not the border states
Why did the South object so strongly to the protective tariff in 1828? The southern economy relied on the ability to import and export
What is the purpose of Article 5 of the US Constitution, Amending the Constitution? It provides a means for the Constitution to be changed in order to keep it current
What prompted Thomas Jefferson to push for the purchase of Louisiana? The port of New Orleans was closed to American shipping, limiting the trading power of the West
What is Manifest Destiny? was the term that described what citizens felt was America's right to expand across the North American continent
" A house divided against itself cannot stand" was a quote by Lincoln, what event did it foreshadow? The Civil War
How did technology affect agriculture in the South? Farmers could grow more crops ( cotton)
The 36'30' north parallel was part of which Compromise? The Missouri Compromise
What was the original purpose of the Continental Congress? to describe how Britain had taken away the colonists rights
What did Lewis and Clark explore? Louisiana territory, the Rocky Mountains, Oregon Country
What group did Abigail Adams want included as being equal in the Declaration of Independence? Married women
What is the most important goal to Lincoln in the beginning of the Civil War? Preserving the Union
What did Parliament do as a result of the Boston Tea Party? They passed the Intolerable Acts
What wa the goal of Jacksonian Democracy? to allow more people to take part in the political process
What was one effect of the Great Awakening? Many colonists were willing to challenge authority
What happened after Southerners believed the Republicans would end slavery? Southerners seceded form the Union
What was the name of the war between Britain and France? The French and Indian War
What did Northerners and Southerners think about slavery before the Civil War? Many Northerners were abolitionists and Southerners believed that slavery was necessary for their way of life
What did the Emancipation Proclamation do? It freed the slaves in the Confederate states but not the Border states
What happened as a result of the US and Mexico signing the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo? Texas became an independent Republic
What is the " great task " that Lincoln refers to in the Gettysburg Address? the fight to save the Union
How did African Americans resist slavery? They worked slowly or pretended to be sick
What did the Great Compromise do? It showed how large and small states should be represented in Government
What was one result of Immigration between 1820 and 1860? Irish immigrants provided cheap labor for factories and the railroad
What is the source of Unalienable Rights found in the Declaration of Independence? The philosophy of John Locke
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