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Chapter 26

World War II

fascist one who believes that the state is more important than the individual
inflation a steady rise in prices of goods
chancellor the chief minister in some European countries
fuhurer the leader, Hitler gave himself the title
reich a German empire
appeasement doing something to keep peace
kristallnacht "Night of Broken Glass", November 9, 1938, Nazis set fire to synagogues, broke into homes, terrorized Jewish people and destroyed Jewish businesses, night of terror
synagogue a Jewish place of worship
Holocaust the Nazis plan to murder every Jew
blitzkrieg "lightning war", a rapid military attack
radar a system used to locate objects such as planes
RAF Royal Air Force
lottery drawing names to determine who is drafted into the military
Lend Lease Act to China (concerned that Japan was gaining too much land)
infamy disgraceful or lacking honor
ration to use less or limit the amount of something
detention the act of holding someone against his or her will
counterattack to fight back following an attack
bunker an underground shelter
cease-fire a call for an end to fighting
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