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Am History I

Unit 5 Lesson 2: People, Concepts, & Events

Cherokee Indians Groups of individuals that Georgia tried to remove from the state. They later challenged the Supreme Court's decision to remove them
Indian Removal Act of 1830 a law passed by Congress to move Native Americans west of the Mississippi
John L. O'Sullivan came up with the idea of Manifest Destiny
Manifest Destiny idea that Americans had the right and duty to expand west
Native American another term for American Indian
President Andrew Jackson set the tone for removing Native Americans by not following the Supreme Court's ruling
Reservation land owned by Native Americans which are recognized by the government
Trail of Tears was an extremely difficult journey. About 20,000 Cherokee were forcibly moved. During their journey, 4,000 died from disease and exhaustion
Worchester vs Georgia Supreme Court case which said that the Cherokee tribe was an independent nation and was not subject to state laws
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