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7th - Unit 8


James Farmer Co-founder of CORE and an opponent of racial segregation since childhood. He also was one of the big four of Civil Rights activitist in the 1960s
Oveta Culp Hobby Started WAC and became President Eisenhower's Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare
Lulu Belle Madison White President of Houston Chapter of NAACP, encouraged Herman Sweatt to take his case to court in Sweatt v. Painter
Hector P. Garcia Started the GI Forum and was a physician in the army
LBJ Became President in 1963 and was known for his Great Society Programs that started the Head Start Program and Affirmative Action
Bill Clements Governor of Texas in 1978 and again in 1986. His election ushered in a wave of Republican domination that has been in Texas ever since.
Jane McCallum Civil Rights Activist who believed in helping minorities that were subject to racial discrimination.
LULAC Organization that assisted Hispanic Americans subject to discrimination and segregation
Urbanization A large growth in population in urban areas of Texas through the 20th and into the 21st centuries mainly because of immigration from other countries and states
Immigration and border security The subject of wide debate in politics today.
Texas border with Mexico and Urban areas These areas tend to vote Democratic
Sanitation, education, transportation Issues related to people moving from rural areas to urban areas in Texas
Commercial Farms Large farms that have replace small family farms and resulted in less farm labor needed because of the mechanization of farms. This has also resulted in more rural people moving to the cities for work.
Aerospace and Aviation One of the top four or five job opportunities for many Texans mainly because of government contracts for the military and space
Oil Industry Still a top employment opportunity for many Texans in jobs directly and indirectly related to the petroleum industry.
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