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SS Chapter 10

SS Chapter 10 Vocabulary

Chisholm Trail one of the routes used for the cattle drives
astronomers scientists who study planets and stars
Kitt Peak where the world's largest solar telescope is used to study galaxies millions of miles away
herding raising large numbers of animals
reservation land set aside by the government for Native Americans
ranchos the Spanish word for ranch
vaqueros Native Americans, later Spanish-speaking colonists who rode horsed to herd cattle
Francisco Coronado a Spanish Conquistador who organized an army to search the Southwest for gold and silver
sheep a major source of food for the Navajo. They were also used for blankets and clothing.
Anasazi ancient Native Americans who built cities in canyon walls
feedlots large pens used to fatten up cattle
Sun Belt describes the part of our country that has a warm, sunny climate all year
Window Rock the Navajo capital
railroads on cattle drives, cowboys herded cattle north from Texas to these
barbed wire the invention that ended cattle drives
air conditioners this invention encouraged people to move to the Southwest by cooling hot buildings
hogans Navajo houses built out of short logs
nuclear energy energy that comes from splitting or joining parts of atoms. Scientists in New Mexico study this energy.
Santa Fe the capital of New Mexico
Pueblo Native Americans known for being "town" dwellers. They were also dry farming experts.
Created by: P Hatting
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