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C&P Section 7

The Study of Merthyr Tydfil

Name the four ironworks in Merthyr Dowlais, Plymouth, Cyfarthfa, Penydarren
The first was set up in 1748, which one was it? Dowlais
What opened in 1794, providing a direct link between Merthyr and Cardiff? The Glamorgan Canal
The Taff Vale Railway opened in 1841, providing a link between where? Methyr and the Cardiff docks
How much iron was produced in 1806? 16,000 tonnes
How much iron was produced in 1850? 300,000 tonnes
When was the iron industry pretty much over in Merthyr? The 1860s
What was Merthyr's population in 1750? 400
What was Merthyr's population in 1861? 51,949
Merthyr had the highest death rate in Wales by 1849, how did it compare to the rest of Britain? It was the third highest
Who had the life expectancy of 22? An industrial worker
Which disease saw 4 outbreaks between 1832-66? Cholera
Who began providing piped water and public taps in 1861? The Merthyr Board of Health
Which two ironworks operated the truck system? Dowlais, Penydarren
Which item accounted for 70% of theft? Clothing
How many prostitutes were working in the China area by 1840? 60
How many members of the China 'empire' were arrested between 1846-47? 50
When was the Glamorgan Constabulary established? Otcober 1841
Which area of Merthyr was in decline by 1860? China
Where did the majority of criminals move to in the 1870s? Cardiff
When were truck shops attacked during a popular disturbance in Merthyr? September 1800
When did the Merthyr Rising take place? 2nd-6th June 1831
Of the 34 men in the Glamorgan Constabulary, how many were assigned to Merthyr? 12
A new police force was established in 1908, what was it called? The Merthyr Tydfil Borough Police Force
Created by: DylDZ-GCSE
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