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C&P Section 6

Methods of Punishment

When did the dissolution of the monasteries occur? 1536-1539
When was whipping and flogging abolished for women? 1820
When was whipping and flogging abolished for men? The 1830s
Who ordered the hanging of 5000 criminals in Wales and the borders between 1534-43? Rowland Lee
Where in London were 1232 people hanged between 1703-1792? Tyburn
When did transportation to America start? 1678
How many were transported to America between 1718-76? 30,000
Why did transportation to America end in 1776? Because of the War of Independence
When did the first ship to Australia leave? May 1787
Of the 160,663 people transported to Australia between 1788-1868, how many were from Wales? 2200
What was the first ship to Australia known as? The First Fleet
What percentage of those transported were Welsh? 1.2%
Leaders from which events were transported from Wales? The Merthyr Rising, the Newport Rising, the Rebecca Riots
Which area of Australia refused to accept any more convicts in 1839? New South Wales
In 1853 transportation to Van Diemen's Land ended, what was the new transportation region? Western Australia
When did transportation end? 1868
When were the Scotch Cattle group active in Wales? 1820-1835
What did a government committee inspect in 1729? Prison conditions
Name three prison reformers John Howard (1729-90), Sir George O. Paul (1746-1820), Elizabeth Fry (1780-1845)
Who passed a number of prison reforms by the 1823 Gaols Act? Sir Robert Peel
How many prisons were built between 1841-1877? 90
Pentonville Prison, built in 1842, was a pioneer for which prison system? The Seperate system
What did the 1865 Prisons Act entail? Hard labour, hard fare and hard board
The 1877 Prisons Act put all prisons under control of who? The Home Office
When were Borstals abolished? 1982
What did Young Offenders Institutes replace in 1988? Detention Centres
The Probation Service began, but when was the system set up? 1967. It was run by the Parole Board
When were Community Service Orders introduced? 1972
In 2003, what did Community Service Orders develop into? Community Payback
How long did Community Payback sentences last? 40-300 hours
Created by: DylDZ-GCSE
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