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C&P Section 5

Attitudes to Punishment

When did Corporal Punishment end? 1948
When did Capital Punishment end? 1965
When was the Pillory abolished? 1837
When were the Stocks abolished? 1872
By 1815, how many crimes did the Bloody Code contain? 225 capital crimes
Who gained the power to pass laws through parliament in 1688? Rich landowners
When was the last public hanging in Wales? 12th April 1866
Who was the last Welshman to be hanged in public and for what crime? Robert Coe for murder
Between 1770 and 1830, 35,000 death sentences were passed in England and Wales, how many were actually hanged? 7000
What were the 5 remaining capital crimes by 1861? Murder, treason, espionage (spying), arson in royal dockyards, piracy with violence
By the 1860s, what percentage of serious offenders were imprisoned? 90%
When did transportation end? 1868
What type of punishment was abolished in 1898? Under productive hard labour
Borstal prison in Kent was opened in 1902, why was it significant? It was the first ever young offenders prison
What did the 1895 Gladstone Report reveal about public opinion towards the aims of punishment? The was a swing in public opinion from harsh punishments to reform
Name two famous 20th century prison reformers Sir Evelyn Ruggles-Brise (1895-1921), Sir Alexander Paterson (1921-1947)
When was hard labour on the crank and tread wheel abandoned? 1902
Which service was introduced in 1907? The Probation Service
When was the close cropping of hair and the wearing of broad arrow uniforms abolished? 1921
In 1923, prisoners became allowed to talk to each other at certain times. Did this end the Silent or the Seperate system? The Silent System
The first open prison was opened in 1936. Where was it? Wakefield
When was the flogging of prisoners abolished? 1948
By 1880, how many under 16s were in adult prisons? 6500
By 1880, how many under 12s were in adult prisons? 900
What type of courts were set up in 1908? Seperate Juvenile Courts
What were Borstals replaced with in 1982? Youth Detention Centres
ASBOs were first used in 1999, what does it stand for? Antisocial Behaviour Orders
When were tagging and curfew orders introduced? 2003
In 1948 and 1956, MPs voted to abolish Capital Punishment. Why wasn't it carried out? The decision was overturned by the House of Lords
By 1957, Capital Punishment was reduced to 5 crimes. What were they? Murder of a police officer or prison officer, murder by shooting or explosion, murder whilst resisting arrest, murder whilst carrying out a theft, murder of more than one person
Name three cases where people were hanged in controversial circumstances Timothy Evans, Derek Bentley, Ruth Ellis
Who were the last people to be executed in Britain? Peter Allen and Gwynne Evans, both for the murder of John Alan West. Allen was executed in Liverpool, Evans in Manchester.
When were the last people executed in Britain? 13th August 1964, 8am
For how long was the death penalty abolished following the 1965 Murder Act? 5 years
Which act abolished the death penalty permanently for murder? The 1969 Abolition of the Death Penalty Act
When was Capital Punishment abolished for treason and piracy? 1999
Who was the last person to be executed in Wales? Vivian Ted in Swansea Jail for the murder of William Williams
When was the last person executed in Wales? 6th May 1958
When was Parole introduced? 1967
When were Community Orders introduced? 2003
What type of centres were set up in the 1980s as alternatives to prison? Probation Centres
Created by: DylDZ-GCSE
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