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The Cold War

Content and Academic Vocab. for Ch. 12

iron curtain symbolic division between East and West in Europe during the Cold War
containment policy of holding back or stopping communism
airlift delivery of supplies by airplane
cold war a war in which two enemies do not fight in combat but instead compete and conflict in other ways
subversion attempts to overthrow or undermine a government by working secretly within that government
espionage spying
perjury the crime of lying under oath
censure to formally criticize
cooperate to agree or work together
pose to present
inflation increase in prices
Fair Deal a program aimed at solving some of the nation's economic problems after WWII
stable unchanging
domestic having to do with the home country
closed shop practice of business hiring only union members
desegregate to end the system of separating races
demilitarized zone region where military forces are not allowed
assure to promise or make sure
conclude to figure or decide
surplus an amount left over
arms race competition between countries for stronger military power
summit meeting of heads of governments
economy the overall system by which goods are made, distributed and used
nuclear relating to the energy contained in the nucleus of an atom
standard of living a measure of the necessities and comforts enjoyed by an individual or group
affluence having wealth
materialism focus on collecting money and possessions
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