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Rev War Part 1

Revolutionary War Part 1

The symbol of new land where people would meet to important meetings liberty tree
War between the French & Indians against the Colonists French & Indian War
Who fought in the The French & Indian War? French/Indians vs England/Colonists
A law that made the colonists house, feed, and cloth the English soldiers Quartering Act
A law that put high taxes on molasses and sugar Sugar Act
A law that made colonists sell and buy everything to England even if they could get a better price elsewhere Navigation Act
A law where every paper that changed hands was taxed with a stamp: land deeds, newspapers, wills, etc Stamp Act What
What does Taxation without Representation mean Colonists being taxed without being represented in the decision making in England.
A law that taxed tea, cloth, and all goods Townshend Act
tarred and feathered if you didn't boycott the goods being taxed by England you would be covered with tar and feathers
Two names given to the Redcoats Lobsterbacks & Bloodybacks
Boston Massacre A fight at the Customs House between Redcoats and Colonists where 5 colonists were killed
Boston Tea Party Colonists/ Sons of Liberty dressed as Indians and dumped tea overboard on 3 ships in Boston Harbor.
Why was the First Continental Congress formed? Because of all the taxes England had on things...they called them the Intolerable Acts
What did they do at the First Continental Congress boycott British goods, pass a Bill of Rights for Colonists, build a militia
Sons of Liberty People who fought for Independence from England
Paul Revere's mission Tell John Hancock & Sam Adams they were coming to capture them & the hid the guns and ammunition.
How long did it take the Redcoats to win Bunker Hill It took them 3 times
What was the main reason the British won the battle at Bunker Hill? Colonists ran out of ammunition
Where was the Declaration of Independence written At the Second Continental Congress
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson
Besides the Declaration of Independence, what else was formed at the Second Continental Congress The Continental Army who George Washington commanded
Who were the minute men? Colonists who were ready to fight in a minutes notice
How many part of the Declaration are there? 3 parts
The first part of the Declaration of Independence is about who? Colonists and their rights
The second part of the Declaration of Independence is about what? complaints/grievances against the King of England
The third part of the Declaration of Independence says what? Declares Colonists independence from England
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