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The West

American Revolution the movement for political independence of the 13 British colonies along the Atlantic seaboard
The ___ had arrived in North America in the 16th century via the Spanish invasion of Mexico. horse
The horse, which vastly improved the ___, ____, and ___ effectiveness of whoever owned it, as a technological advantage that the Spanish initially tried to keep for themselves. communication, transportation, and military
Prior to the horse's arrival, the Great Plains had been lightly inhabited the ecosystem was dominated by the American bison
bison a shaggy beast that weighed over 2,000 pounds and collected in herds numbering into the millions
The Cree termed the horse the "big dog," while the Lakota, recognizing the almost magical change the horse had brought to their lives, called it the "mystery dog.
In 1776, for example, at the very moment that British colonists were composing their Declaration of Independence, the Spanish founded a settlement at a natural harbor in northern California that they named ___ ______. San Francisco
sedentarization compelling the Natives to give up their nomadic ways
In 1775, as settlers on the East Coast were rising up against the British at Lexington, Concord, and Bunker Hill, the Indians at the mission of San Diego revolted against the ___, burning most of the mission buildings and killing several priests. spanish
Soon ____, ____, ____ ships inaugurated a regular trade along the coast with the region's Native peoples, exchanging blankets, tools, and other manufactured goods for Indian-caught pelts. British, Russian, and US
the Proclamation Line of 1763 the Cherokee Nation had sided with the British during the American Revolution, fighting not to create the US but to prevent its independence
the ___ people underwent a dramatic transformation from small, scattered bands of dog-dependent nomads in the late 1600s to a powerful equestrian culture a generation later. Comanche
The ___ in turn moved farther west, where they came into increased contact with the Spanish in New Mexico, Chihuahua, and Sonora. Apache
the ___ also raided deep into Mexico for agricultural supplies, livestock, and captives. Comanche
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