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CBA#2 Review

Social Studies Review

US territorial expansion Louisiana Purchase, the expedition of Lewis and Clark, and Manifest Destiny
Louisiana Purchase It doubled the size of the country.
Manifest Destiny Manifest Destiny was the belief that the expansion of the US throughout the American continents was something God sent them to do. From Atlantic to Pacific Ocean
Describe the concept of Manifest Destiny? Manifest Destiny was the belief that the expansion of the US throughout the American continents was something God sent them to do.
The first amendment states that we have the right to petition the government. What does that mean? To make a complaint or look for help from your government, without fear of punishment.
Why did James Madison push for the Bill of Rights to be added to the United States Constitution? He believed that the constitution should protect individual rights
Which form of government receives any power not given to the federal government? These powers are given to the states
What did the Louisiana Purchase do for the United States? It doubled the size of the country.
What are the 3 Branches of Government? Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.
What is the job of the executive branch? President, Vice President, Cabinet. Carries out laws
What is the job of the legislative branch? Congress, Senate, House of Representatives. Makes laws
What is the job of the judicial branch? Supreme Court (9 judges) and other federal courts. Evaluates laws
What is free enterprise? Private business operates in competition and free of state control. It means people can choose which company to buy from.
What were the causes of the Civil War? to give state's rights and keep/end slavery and sectionalism
What were the effects of the Civil War? Reconstruction and the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments
What was the 13th amendment? It abolished slavery
What was the 14th amendment? It granted citizenship to ALL people
What was the 15th amendment? It gave African Americans the right to vote
Why James Madison is called the “Father of the Constitution”? Wrote the Constitution
Who believed that the federal government had too much power and refused to sign the Constitution until the Bill of Rights were added? George Mason
What is the purpose of the Constitution? Define and limit the powers of the government
What is the purpose of the Bill of Rights? To protect individual rights of citizens
What does the 10th amendment do? Separate powers from national government and state governments
What did the purchase of the Louisiana Territory do to the size of the United States? Doubled the size of the U.S.
Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner? Francis Key
What is the definition of Manifest Destiny? Given right to expand all of North America
What was the effect of migration on the growth and development for the west? As people moved, business moved and towns developed
What is it called when a factory produces an item at a faster rate? assembly line
Who did the America get their independence from on July 4, 1776? Great Britain
What is a symbol of freedom for people coming to the United States? Statue of Liberty
Star Spangled Banner history Francis Scott Key wrote the poem that later became the national anthem after watching a battle during the war of 1812
Can you sing "Star-spangled Banner"? yes
What are the causes of the War of 1812? The US Navy was being captured and forced to work; Britain was preventing the US to trade with other countries; Britain told the Native Americans to fight the US Navy
What are the effects of the War of 1812 The US proved it could defend itself; Economy-created the Industrial Revolution; Nationalism-it united the US people to feel more proud of their country
Expedition of Lewis and Clark President Thomas Jefferson asked Lewis and Clark to explore the land the US got during the Louisiana Purchase, all the land west of the Mississippi river. It helped the US expand West.
Sectionalism Loyalty to only part of the country not to the whole country. The loyalty to the South or North instead of all of the United States.
States' Rights States had the right to make laws to govern the local people as long as it was not already decided by the federal government. During the Civil War, people wanted the states to make more laws and be more powerful than the federal government.
slavery Southern land owners owned, traded, and sold people to work on the plantations
Reconstruction The time period after the civil war until 1877. The rebuilding of the South after the Civil War, reuniting the country, and adding the southern states back to the United States.
How did industry and the mechanization of agriculture change the American way of life? It made the US more productive. People started moving away from farms into cities to work in industries. It created a huge divide in income. People were either very wealthy or very poor.
Child Labor children worked in factories for low wages and long hours
Who is Susan B Anthony? She fought for women’s rights to vote and wanted equal pay for equal work.
Who was Jane Addams? Leader in women’s sufferage, social worker, and advocate for world peace was part of the international senate for women, and won a Nobel peace prize
What are the positive consequences of human modification of the environment? US expanded, travel across the us was safer
What are some negative consequences of human modification of the environment? Pollution, waste, and distruction
Industrialization The creation of indutries in America. People created products and inventions faster and lead to America becoming wealthy and a world power.
Urbanization Most people living in urban areas and no longer on farms.
Increased use of oil and gas Lead to the use of non renewable energy sources, created more industry, and helped create more wealth
The Great Depression Lowest economic downturn in history. 15 million Americans were out of jobs and the country was broke.
World War 1 and 2 Wars fought between many countries around the world.
Civil rights movement African Americans had the right to vote, but still were discriminated against, so leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. spoke about equal rights for African Americans.
How did the 20th century (1900s) change the us? The us became a world power, was united with freedom for all people, fought in wars around the world, and became poor after fighting in the wars, but the us survived the economic troubles
Federal government given the power to make and veto laws, oversee national defense and foreign policy, impeach officials, impose tariffs and enter into treaties. All states follow laws
State government Creates local laws, each state may have different laws
Thomas Edison Inventor of the lightbulb, america’s Greatest inventor, invented over 1000 inventions in the 19th century
John deere Created “Deere and Company”, inventor of steel plow, successful businessman who created farming equipment , tractor company
Alexander graham bell Inventor of the telephone in the 19th century
Free enterprise economic system in which private business operates in competition and largely free of state control.
Benefits of free enterprise People create business that is not run by the government, the best business is the one that succeeds, people have the freedom to pick where they want to buy something
Mass production the production of large quantities of a product (make a lot of something)
Specialization Able to work specifically on a task really well
Division of labor Share the work with other so that everyone benefits from you being good at something and them being good at something
Economic growth of the us It is due to mass production, specialization, and division of labor because it made it easier to make products better and faster.
How will future scientific discoveries and technologies affect society in the future.? The us will grow in wealth, capability, and size based on its inventions and discoveries,
1 st amendment freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly (meeting), freedom of the press (news), and right to petition.
Bill of rights is what part of the constitution First 10 amendments
2nd amendment Right to keep and bear arms (for lawful purposes) and the right to form a militia or military
3rd amendment Protection from quartering soldiers (soldiers living in your house)
4th amendment Protection from unreasonable search and seizure (people can’t just search your house and take stuff)
5th amendment Guarantee to due process (trial), Cannot be forced to say anything about a crime. Cannot be charged twice for the same offense.
6th amendment Trial by jury ,speedy trial, public trial, right to counsel and right to a lawyer
7th amendment Right to a jury trial in federal civil court cases.
8th amendment Guarantees that punishments will be fair and not cruel, and that extraordinary fines will not be set.
9th amendment Simply a statement that other rights aside from those listed may exist, and just because they are not listed doesn't mean they can be violated.
10 th amendment Says that any power not granted to the federal government belongs to the states. (Power reserved to the states). States rights
Similarities between state and federal government They both have a judicial, legislative, and executive branch,
The right to petition the government People can suggest changes to laws; or ask for laws to be made
US Constitution plan of government for the nation
checks and balances prevent any one branch of government from becoming too powerful
executive branch president, approves or vetos (disapproves) laws
legislative branch congress, senate, makes laws
judicial branch judges and courts- makes sure laws agree with the constitution
Any power not given to the federal government belongs to the states
the cotton gin did what to the south It increased the production of cotton making them need more slaves.
transcontinental railroad connected the east and the west making it easier to travel because it cost less and was faster.
Created by: sonnyamosqueda
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