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C&P Section 4

Methods of Combating Crime

In 1581, William Lambarde wrote the book, "Eirenarcha: Or, of the Office of the Justice". What was its purpose? To act as a manual to help Justices of the Peace (JPs)
Name a Welsh JP. Sir Edward Stradling (1529-1609)
Who was appointed as Chief Magistrate at Bow Street in 1748? Henry Fielding
When did Henry Fielding publish his book: "An Enquiry into the Late Increase of Robbers &c"? 1751
What was the purpose of Henry Fielding's bi-weekly magazine called "The Covent-Garden Journal" published in 1752? To pass on information about crimes and criminals
In 1786, the Quarterly Pursuit started to run every week, but what was it renamed to? The Public Hue and Cry
When was the Thames River Police set up? 1798
Who became Home Secretary in 1822? Robert Peel
Which act set up the Metropolitan Police? The 1829 Metropolitan Police Act
How many regions was London split up into under the new Metropolitan Police? 17
The 1839 Metropolitan Police Act ended which organisations? The Bow Street Runners and the Thames River Police
Who ran the Metropolitan Police? Former soldier Charles Rowan and Richard Mayne, a lawyer
When was the Detective Branch set up? 1842
Where was the Criminal Records Office set up in 1869? Scotland Yard
What replaced the Detective Branch in 1878? The Criminal Investigation Department (CID)
What was the first specialist squad in the CID? The Special Irish Branch which was set up in 1883
What was the Special Irish Branch renamed to in 1888? The Special Branch
Why was Sislin Fay Allen a significant person? She was the first black female officer in the Metropolitan Police. She joined in 1969
When were women granted equal opportunities in the police? 1973
Which year saw the introduction of the motor car? 1919
Which emergency number was introduced in 1937? 999
When were the first miniature police radios introduced? 1963
The first police ______ was introduced in 1901? Photographer
Which system went live in 1974? The Police National Computer
How many records does the Police National Computer hold? Records on over 25 million people
The NAFIS was established in 1995. What does it stand for? National Automatic Fingerprint Identification System
Which new branch was set up in 1968 in New Scotland Yard? The Community Relations Branch
Created by: DylDZ-GCSE
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