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DWR Section 2

Life During the Depression

When was the Dole introduced? With the 1920 Unemployed Insurance Act
How long did the Dole last? 39 weeks
When was the Means Test introduced? 1931
Who carried out the Means Test? The Public Assistance Committees (PACs)
What was the average maximum allowance for a family of 2 adults and 3 children? £1.46 a week
What was average maximum allowance for a family of 2 adults and 3 children raised to in 1936? £1.80 a week
What was the average wage? £3 a week
Who organised a march against the Means Test on London and when was it? The National Unemployed Workers' Movement (NUWM) in October 1932
When was the Jarrow March? 1936
How far was the Jarrow March? 450km over 22 stages
Who closed the Palmers shipyard in 1934? The National Shipbuilder's Securities
What figure did unemployment reach in Jarrow? 80%
October 1932, there was a nationwide hunger march, how many took part from Rhondda? 375 marchers
When did 504 marchers take part in a South Wales hunger march? October 1936. It was backed by the Labour party
What did a 1936 survey in reveal about poverty in York? 72% of unemployed lived below the poverty line
What did a 1936 survey reveal about hunger across Britain? 4.5 million had an inadequate diet, 5 million people suffered from some form of deficiency. 10% of people were undernourished, 5% of children were undernourished.
How many people left Wales to find work between 1921 and 1938? 440,000
By how much did the population of Rhondda fall? 18%
How many registered radios were there in 1939? 9 million
What percentage of families owned a radio in 1939? 75%
How much did radios cost? £1-£3
How many cinemas were there in Wales in 1934? 320
How many cinema admissions were there a year in the UK in 1936? 1000 million
In 1938, how many cars were sold? 2 million
How many electricity consumers were there in 1938? 9 million
The 1934 Special Areas Act offered how much in grants to companies? £2 million
As a result of the 1934 Special Areas Act, how many unemployed were trained? 30,000
As a result of the 1934 Special Areas Act, how many new firms were established? 121
As a result of the 1934 Special Areas Act, how many jobs were created? 14,900
As a result of the 1934 Special Areas Act, how much was spent by the government? £8.4 million
When was the Treforest Industrial Estate established? June 1936
When did the government invest in the Treforest Industrial Estate? 1939-1945
How many jobs were created on the Treforest Industrial Estate? 16,000
Created by: DylDZ-GCSE
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