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Economic Understandings

What is an example of a service industry ? tourism
What is the economic base of Georgia and the other southern colonies during the colonial period? rice, indigo, wheat, and forest products
What is not an example of a product grown or manufactured in Georgia today? petroluem
What invention had the greatest effect on Georgia's economy in the early 1800s ? cotton gin
Most of Georgia's revenue comes from what type of tax? income tax
Georgia- Pacific does NOT manufacture pesticides
What company, founded in Augusta in 1927, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of paper and building products? Georgia-Pacific
Taxes on imported goods are known as tarriffs
when Georgia trades peanuts to china in exchange for toys, both countries gain.
How did the colonies benefit Great Britain economically? the colonies enabled Great Britain to manufacture goods to sell to other countries
How does international trade affect Georgia's economy? it has strengthened the state's economy and provides thousands of jobs
The world's largest producer of non- alcoholic beverages; founded in Atlanta in 1886 Coca-Cola Company
The trade policy of Great Britain during the period of colonization was called? mercantilism
Founder of Delta Airlines C. E. Woolman
The amount of money an entrepreneur or business makes after paying its expenses. Profit
Founders of Home Depot Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus
The world's largest hardware home improvement center and second largest retailer; founded in Atlanta in 1978 Home Depot
A tax imposed on persons based on their ownership or possession of property/largest source of revenue at the local government level Property Taxes
A tax imposed on most items sold in retail stores; Georgia's second largest source of revenue Sales Tax
The world's largest passenger airline; founded in Louisiana in 1928 Delta Airlines
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