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British Civilisation


Highest point in the UK ? (mountain) Ben Nevis (Scotland)
Lowest point in the UK? The Fens (below the sea level)
Where is Celtic fringe situated? North and West of the British Isles.
Consistent country of the UK are? England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales
What union took place in 1536? Union of England and Wales > Kingdom of Great Britain
What Union took place in 1801? Union of Great Britain and Ireland
What happened in 1922? Partition of Ireland and creation of Irish Free State
What is the Union Jack ? flag reflects the gradual construction of the UK
What is Wales capital? Cardiff
What happened in 1998 in Wales? Creation of the National Assembly
What happened in 1998 in Scotland ? Creation of the Scottish Parliament
What is Scotland's capital? Edinburgh
Biggest city in Scotland ? Glasgow
Northern Irelands' discrimination was between who and who? Irish Catholics and Scottish protestants
What is Ireland's capital ? Belfast
What is Good Friday agreement ? Power sharing between Unionists and Republicans
What is England's capital ? London
What is Uk's capital ? London
What % of people are living in England ? 84%
What is devolution ? taking a part of the central power to the local power, in The Uk it is the process of transferring some of the power from Westminster in London to assemblies in Scotland, Northern Island and Wales
What was incorporated in the Uk constitution in 1998? free speech with the Human Rights Act
What BBC stands for ? British Broadcasting Corporation
1st TV programs appeared in ? 1930s
BBC was created in ? 1927
Top 3 of the most popular TV channels in 2017? BBC, ITV, Channel4
What's a broadsheet ? Paper which targets higher socio-economic classes
Name 3 broadsheets. The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian
What's a tabloid? Paper which targets working class readers
Name 2 tabloids. The Sun, The Daily Mirror
What tabloids focus on? 3 S = Sex, Scandal, Sport
What's middle market papers? Papers which both target higher and lower socio-economic categories
Name 2 middle market papers. The Daily Express, The Daily Mail
Political view of middle market papers? conservatives, anti-immigration, anti-EU
Political view of free newspapers? neutral
What is Tabloidization ? The competition for scoops and scandals
What is "Cheque-book journalism"? paying people for their stories
What is "Door step journalism"? Harassing people in their everyday lives to get stories
What changes occurred due to digital revolution in the press? less printing, increase role of social media
Name a particularity of the British Constitution. not written
What is Rule of law ? Human rights
What does Habeas Corpus mean ? No one should be sanctioned unless they have broken the law, everyone is equal in front of the law
What is Bill of Rights (1689) ? guaranteed civil liberties and curtailed power of the monarch and established supremacy of the Parliament
What's a monarch power today ? head of State of the UK and 15 other commonwealth countries
What is the royal assent ? Monarch must give his permission to pass an Act
Main parties in the UK ? Conservatives and Labour
The monarch doesn't enter the ___ House of Commons, respect for the independence of the Parliament
Who's is the Shadow cabinet ? Spokesperson
What is Checks and Balances ? system needed to prevent abuse of power with the Legislature and the Executive
Where does the "Opening of Parliament" takes place? In the House of Lords
When's the Parliament's programme represented and by who? During the Opening of Parliament and by the queen
How are Parliament's members elected? One ballot, the candidate with the most votes wins
What happened in 1776? Us declared its independence from the Grand Britain
Who are the five eyes? US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand
What is the EEC? European Economic Community (1958)
What's the reason between Britain wanting to join EEC? Decolonisation
When did UK join EEC? in 1973 after 2 attempts rejected
What are the contributing factors of the industrial revolution in the UK? great deposit of coal and iron, essential for industrialisation
During what period doe the industrial revolution occurred? 1750-1850
When was the Irish famine and how many people died? 1845-1851 and 1 million of people died
What was British economic supremacy based on? Staple industries, coal, textiles, iron and steel
What was the main cause of the Great Depression ? falling prices which increased competition between the staple industries
In terms of GDP what place does the UK occupy ? 5th largest economy in the world
In terms of GDP per capita what place does the UK occupy? 24/25 in the world
What % of UK exports in goods and services went to the EU in 2017? 44%
What % represent the services sector in the UK ? 80%
What major industry is at risk because of Brexit ? Food and drink industry
What % of the UK's workforce comes from the EU? 1/4
What is the national minimum wage in the UK? 7,83£
When was the British Nationality Act settled ? What did in abolished ? in 1968, the jus soli
Today how many British Nationality exist ? 6
Who's given the right to work in UK ? Only the British citizenship
What is CRE? When was is created ? Commission for racial equality, in 1976
What are the 3 socio-economic classes ? Upper-class, middle-class, working-class
Education of the upper-class? public school and university
Politic party of upper-class? Conservative
Accent of the Upper-class? RP
Nickname of the Upper-class? Toffs
Education of the middle-class? University and will send their children to public school if rich enough
Politic party of Middle-class ? Varied
Accent of middle-class? RP or regional accent
Education of the working-class? Only until the secondary
Politic party of the working-class? labour and belongs to trade union
Accent of working-class? strong regional (ex: cockney in London)
What class voted to remain in the EU ? majority with university education
What are the comprehensive schools ? Schools with no selections, everyone can enter
What impacted had the Butler Act (1944) ? Made 1st and secondary education compulsory
What's the selective system ? 3 types of schools that pupils could access depending on their result in a test called 11+
the 3 types of schools ? grammar school, secondary school, secondary technical school
What religion must the monarch belong to? Anglican
Who's the monarch crowned by ? Archbishop of Canterbury
All State ceremonies must be performed by ? The Church of England
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