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CG6 review

What is a state divided into? Counties
How many counties does GA have? 159
Individual who is responsible for enforce the law, maintaining the peace, and serving as the jailer for a county government Sheriff
The Clerk of the Superior Court Primary record keeper for the county
An individual who oversees property deeds, marriage licenses, wills and supervises elections in a county government The Clerk of the Probate Court
The Tax Commissioner Individual who is responsible for receiving tax returns, maintaining tax records, and paying taxes for a county government
Power to adopt ordinances, oversee the daily operations of a county’s government The County Commissioner/Board of Commissioners
What was the original purpose of Georgia’s counties? To determine what areas state legislators represented
What might a Georgia county government do? They might collect property taxes, run local elections, build and repair roads, provide car license plates, and administer welfare programs.
How is a city formed? collect property taxes, run local elections, build and repair roads, provide car license plates, and administer welfare programs.
What is the purpose of a city government? Provide local services not handled by the county government Examples are police and fire, garbage collection, drinking water
What are the main differences between city and county governments? Origin (Cities created by charter, counties created by state constitution) Services provided Form of government
What is the purpose for a special purpose government? To meet a specific need Examples include: Operating public schools, MARTA, airport or water and sewer system.
Sales tax Paid on things that people buy and consume. State government imposes a 4% sales tax - local government add another 3% to 4%
Federal grants Local governments can apply to fund education, repair roads, or develop areas for businesses in the communities.
Property tax Taxes on the value of the buildings and land for a homeowner or business. BIGGEST SOURCE OF REVENUE
Special taxes and fees An example of another tax is a tax on the value of a car or truck. An example of a fee is the registration and tag for a car or truck
Who has input of how much revenue is collect and how it is spent? Local citizens
County and city officials hold where citizens can listen to proposals of how use fund, give their opinion, and watch the final vote. Public meetings
What is the purpose of a budget? Details how much revenue should be available, how much the government plans to spend, and how the government plans to spend it
Can local citizens say how the money is spent? Yes, the budget is available for review
Created by: Dylan Gravitt
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