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Unit 9: Reconstruct


13th Amendment (8.82) Abolished all slavery in the United States.
14th Amendment (8.82) Made all freed slaves citizens of the U.S. No state can deprive any person of life, liberty, or property. Everyone has equal protection under the law.
15th Amendment (8.82) All citizens cannot be denied the right to vote. Gave voting rights to the freed slaves.
Andrew Johnson became vice-president (8.83) BECAUSE Lincoln was looking for Southern support. He was a Unionist and a US Senator from TN.
Andrew Johnson became President (8.83) BECAUSE Lincoln was assassinated and he was vice-president
Andrew Johnson's Reconstruction Plan (8.83) 50% of each state's freedmen must take an oath to the Constitution, high ranking Confederates must appeal to the president to be pardoned, only pardoned whites vote for state delegates, states must denounce secession and ratify the 13th amendment.
Andrew Johnson and the Radical Republicans (8.83) Conflicted on how to deal with former Confederate leaders.
Andrew Johnson was impeached (8.83) BECAUSE the Radical Republicans that disagreed with him overtook the majority of Congress.
10 Percent Plan (8.84) Proposed by Lincoln; after 10 percent of a seceded southern state took an oath of loyalty to the US, the state could be readmitted into the Union.
Amnesty (8.84) Under Lincoln's plan, former Confederates would receive amnesty (pardon) after they swore allegiance and loyalty to the Union.
Radical Republican Plan for Reconstruction (8.84) South under martial law, states must ratify 14th amendment, suffrage for blacks, 50% of each state must take an oath of loyalty, no former Confederate leaders involved.
Freedmen's Bureau (8.85) Government agency that helped freed former slaves assimilate to society. (land, education, settled disputes
Restrictions Placed on the Rights of African-Americans (8.85) CANNOT go into town without permission, own or rent property in the town, live in the town (unless in service), carry weapons, or conduct public meetings.
Racial Segregation (8.85) Did not change very much after Reconstruction.
Jim Crow Laws (8.85) Segregated society, restricted the rights of African-Americans.
Ku Klux Klan (8.86) Formed by 6 former Confederates to express postwar frustrations. Prevented African-Americans from many things. Expressed violence against the US Army.
Vigilante Justice (8.86) Taking the law into your own hands, "outside of the law (extralegal).
Tennessee's Role in the KKK (8.86) Origin of the KKK. (Giles County)
Movement of Northern Entrepreneurs to the South (8.87) The KKK attacked Northerners who moved south after the Civil War was over. Loved the south as a way to get rich quick. However, Southerners felt they were taking advantage of them.
Carpetbaggers (8.87) Northern whites who moved to the south and served as Republican leaders during the Reconstruction. (Not bags made out of carpet)
Scalawags (8.87) Southern whites who supported Republican policy throughout Reconstruction.
1876 Election Controversy (8.88) Tilden won the popular vote, but Hayes made a deal in the electoral college and won.
Removal of Federal Troops from the South (8.88) One of the things Hayes promised in return for the presidency.
End of Reconstruction (8.88) Hayes removed troops from the South, Southern Democrats overtook state governments. (1876)
Push-Pull Effect of Former Slaves (8.89) Push - racism Pull - economic incentives, land, prosperity
Exodusters (8.89) Led by Pap Singleton, escaped racism and oppression in the South, former slaves that left the South to settle in the North and the West in search of a new home and freedom.
Pap Singleton (8.89) Leader of the Exodusters, former slave that led over 8,000 others to prosperity in the North and West.
Constitutional Convention of 1870 (8.90) Banned slavery, more restrictive voting laws. (poll taxes)
Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878 (8.90) Memphis, spread by mosquitoes, 25k fled, 17k were infected, 5,150 people died. Devastated Memphis.
Election of African-Americans to General Assembly (8.90) They were allowed to run, however, after restrictions (Jim Crow Laws) and poll taxes were put into place, they were not elected again usually as African-Americans had difficulty voting.
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