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Chapter 8-Logan

American Indians were forced to live and work at_________. missions
The southwest has copper, oil, and livestock which means it is rich in ____________ ______________. natural resources
____________ ________________helps conserve because less water is lost through evaporation since the water is put directly onto the base of the plants. Drip irrigation
The _______ ___________ River separates Texas and Mexico. Rio Grande
You might find dark clouds, that may form into a tornado, over the open plains area called ___________ __________in Oklahoma. Tornado Alley
The Anasazi built and lived in __________ ______________. cliff dwellings
Reeds grow in _____________ and wetlands. swamps
American bison graze on the prairies and ________________ of Oklahoma. grasslands
_________________hide under rocks to survive in the dry, arid areas of the southwest. Rattlesnakes
Meat-packing increased the demand for beef. As a result, _________ _____________ became a big business. cattle ranching
_______________ plants grow well in the desert because they are able to survive in dry conditions. Cactus
Phoenix has a ___________elevation than Flagstaff. lower
In __________, Stephen F. Austin led American settlers into Texas. 1821
The two main sources of surface water in the Southwest are the ________________ _____________and the Rio Grande. Colorado River
Cactus grow in the low areas and trees grow in the high areas. This allows us to make the inference that the low areas of the Sonoran Desert get less _____________than the mountains do. precipitation
In ________, Texas was annexed to the United States. 1845
Mexican soldiers attacked the Alamo in the year _________. 1836
Egrets are birds found in the swamps and______________. wetlands
In the 1930's, the United States built the ___________ _______ which created a reservoir of water. Hoover Dam
______________ pear cactus are found growing in the dry, arid areas of the desert. Prickly
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado set out to find Cibola in 1540 because he was ordered to do so by the __________of New Spain. governor
In the prairies and grasslands of Texas and Oklahoma there is an area called ____________ _____________. Cross Timbers
Created by: Mrs. Logan
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