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Technology and Jobs

The study of jobs and technology in language

The invention of new items and ideas inherently lead to what? A creation of more lexis and pragmatic concepts
List two advantages of using a telephone Slightly better audio quality and you have the ability to hang up at any point if the conversation becomes uncomforting
How many years has technology that enables an audio conversation between two or more individuals have been available for? Over 150 years
List nine disadvantages of using a telephone No paralinguistic communication, no prosodic communication, lack of body language, lack of facial expressions, turn taking, interruptions, misunderstandings, quality of audio can be poor and reception could fail
What are the two biggest barriers to effective communication? Distance and time
State an advantage and disadvantage of using Skype or video messaging Paralinguistic features can be observed but quality of audio is still as much of an issue
Which century were telegrams used throughout? 20th century
Explain what part of the 20th century did telegrams lose their purpose and why 1990s because SMS text messaging became popular
Were punctuation marks included in text messages? No, for "stop" was used instead at the end of the sentence
Define "Restricted Occupational Lexis" Specialist vocabulary that is only ever used in a specific occupation
What is a locutionary act? The performance of an utterance and its meaning
Define "Illocutionary Act" The intended meaning of the utterance or the conventional force that an utterance is understood to have
What is a perlocutionary act? The effect achieved by an utterance on the hearer
Define "Indirect Speech Acts" Where speech acts intersect a little with Paul Grice's maxims and with other aspects of pragmatics. It is highly context dependent: the listener has to infer that a speech act has occurred
What is ephemeral and what type of communication does it relate to? Lasting a very short time and emails
Define "Papertrail" Proof that work is complete
The nature of a job and the shared knowledge and understanding mean that an occupational discourse community has what? An extremely strong pragmatic cohesion
Define "Phatic talk" Small, polite and meaningless conversations
What six things lead to a rich seam of pragmatic understanding within an occupational discourse community? Shared space, expectations, tasks, jokes, targets and culture
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