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SS revutluion

Boycott To refuse to do business
Repel to cancel
Delegates A member of a elected assembly
Import to bring goods from another country for sale or use
Smuggle Move goods illegally or out of the country
Militia A group who fought in emergencies during the american rev
Dispute A disagreement,argument, or debate.
Proclamation King George 111 announced a outlaw about Britain.
Protest an complaint or objection against an idea.
Isolate A person who has lived isolated from a human
Treason A crime betraying the country
Petition A request
the french and Indian war Fought between the French and the British Many native tribes allied themselves with the french. The Treaty of Paris 1763 ended the war and the Proclamation of 1763 gave land of the Appalachian Mountains to Natives
Stamp act ,sugar act,Boston massacre Many were angered that Britain were taxing the colonists without them having a say in the taxes.They called this, "No taxation without representation."
Battle of Lexington and Concord Known for Paul Revere's midnight ride, the British wanted to arrest Samuel Adams and John Hancock (members of the sons of Liberty.They also wanted the colonists weapons stored in Concord.This was the start of the american rev.
Battle of Bunker hill Famous battle were the colonists defended the hills around Boston. They lost the battle, but many British died.
Battle of Trenton/George Washington crossing Delaware river George Washington army surprised attack the British Army and Hessian on Christmas Day. The victory boosted the confidence of the Continual Army.
Battle of Saratoga Turning point of the American Revolution (Continental Army shifted focus and victory in favor of the colonistsis)
Battle of Yorktown Known that the final of the American Revolution fought on Virginia. The document they sighed that ended the war was the Treaty of Paris.
Incorrigible acts Colonists had to Bring in British soldiers and they had to give them food and a bed and they had to wash there coats.
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