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Southern Colonies

List the natural resources found in the Southern Colonies. Rivers Timber/Trees Fertile Soil
List the crops grown in the Southern Colonies. tobacco indigo cotton sugar cane rice
Explain why the south used slave labor. Plantations were so large that it took hundreds of people to work the fields. Slave labor was the cheapest kind of labor and they could be worked from sunup to sundown all year long.
Define plantation. A plantation was a huge farm that was from 500 to 1,000 acres (big) that grew large amounts of cash crops, using slaves and/or indentured servants for labor. They had many buildings like small houses for slaves and mansion for the owner and family.
Describe the climate of the southern colonies. The climate in the southern colonies was hot and humid with mild winters.
What is a cash crop? Name Examples. A cash crop is a crop that is grown to be sold and not used for personal use. Highly desired crops were chosen to grow, since that made them profitable for trading, selling, and exporting. Examples include: tobacco, indigo, cotton, sugar cane, and rice
Name the colonies in the Southern region. (Be able to label them on a map.) Virginia Maryland North Carolina South Carolina Georgia
Name one fact about daily life in the Southern Colonies. Most children were tutored at home. They learned reading, writing, and music. Boys learned to hunt and ride horses. Girls learned to sew and sing.
Name one natural resource found in the Southern Colonies. Timber was used for building houses and other buildings on the plantation. Rivers were used for fish and transportation.
Why did a plantation need a lot of workers? A plantation needed a lot of workers to keep it running smoothly. Slaves and indentured servants were used to keep up with all of the hard labor, including the planting and harvesting of hundreds of acres.
Why was life in the Southern colonies different from all the other colonies? Life in the Southern colonies was different because the climate was very warm and humid with mild winters so crops grew year round.
What type of items did the Southern colonists trade cash crops for? Crops were traded for items that could not be grown like dishes and tools.
What were the owners fo the plantations called? Planters
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