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Gender In Language

The study of gender in language

Define "Androcentric" Having a built in bias towards men
What is the Industrial Revolution's role in language? They began to use "Mrs" and "Miss" to inform the men of which women are still "on the market"
Define "Ameiloration" Retaining meaning or giving respect
Men are described by their what? Occupation or role in a working community
Define "Pejoration" Having degrading or negative connotations
Women are described by their what? Appearence or martial status
Define "Collocation" Words we often find together (e.g. fish and chips)
What is the difference between gender and sex? While sex refers to reproductive biology, gender involves cultural interpretations of sexuality and social norms for male and female behaviour
Define "Lexical Asymmetry" When a word that is used to describe a man's position has positive connotations, but the equivalent word for a woman has negative ones
What did the Act of Parliament do in 1850 that was so shocking? They legally insisted that "he" stood for "she"
Define "Fridging" and where it came from A shorthand for a persistent sexist trope, which originated from a 1994 Green Lantern comic, where the hero returns home to find that his nemesis has murdered his girlfriend and stuffed her corpse in a fridge. This gave the hero something to do
What are the six aspects of 'The Difference Model'? Status V Support Independence V Intimacy Advice V Understaning Information V Feelings Orders V Proposals Conflict V Compromise
Define "Marked Terms" Terms that reveal a person's gender and reduce women to size
Why is everything about gender in our language considered a myth? It is a widespread false belief and it tells a story about people's personalities
Define "Political Correctness" Avoidance of expressions or actions that can be perceived to exclude or marginalize or insult people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against
What is vocal fry? A way of speaking in which the voice is very low pitched and creaky at the end (laryngealization)
Define "Linguistic Determinism" The idea that our language determines thought
What is the deficit model? The idea that women's speech is deficient, weak and lacking
Define "Patronyms" Names that relate to the male lines of inheritance
What is the dominance model? The idea that women's and men's speech differ because men are socially dominant
Define "Tautology" Saying the same thing twice in different words, having a redundancy in meaning
What is the difference model? The idea that women and men speak differently because of cultural norms
Define "Salient" Most noticeable or important
What is the dynamic model? The idea that context, power and expertise make the difference between female and male speech
Define "Matronyms" The mother's first name plus the term for "daughter" or "son"
What is a high involvement speaker? Someone who is ready to be overlapped because they will give in to an intrusion on the conversation if they feel like it
Define "Lexical Priming" Priming that involves the meaning of words. Typically occurs when a word is followed by another word with a similar meaning
What is a high considerate speaker? Someone who gives way to each other
Define "Adjacency Pairs" Regular two turn exchanges in spoken discourse, like usual units of speech, question and answer or greeting response
What is the Bechdel test? A test that rates films based on the criteria of containing at least two female characters who talk to each other about something besides a man
Define "Tag Questions" A little question tagged on to the end of an utterance to keep the conversation going rather than to express uncertainty
What is a Manic Pixie Dream Girl? A stock character in films noted for being shallow, quirky, feminine and providing inspiration for brooding protagonist male characters
Define "Interruptions" Where the other speaker is cut off
Give three examples of linguistic responses "Yes", "Mmm" or "Alright" are three examples
Define "Overlaps" Where both speakers speak at the same time
What are the five aspects of female conversations? Talk too much, speak in private contexts, build relationships, overlap and speak symmetrically
Define "Overt & Covert Prestige Forms" Forms that are either socially acceptable or unacceptable. Women use more overt and men use more covert
What are the five aspects of male conversations? Get more air time, speak in public, avoid failure, speak one at a time and speak asymmetrically
Define "Cisgender" Term used when gender identity and/or expression aligns with the sex assigned at birth (e.g. a female woman and a male man)
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