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WW2 test

WW2 study guide for test

What 2 countries declare war on Germany when Germany invaded Poland? Britain and France
Name the 3 countries that make up the Axis Powers Germany, Italy, Japan
What country did Hitler invade 1st in his effort to gain more living space? Austria
On what Date did the US enter WWII December 8, 1941
What caused the US to enter WWII bombing of Pearl Harbor
What was the name of the all African-American unit of airmen who flew many very successful missions over Europe and Africa during the war. Tuskegee Airmen
The Allied invasion of Nazi-controlled Europe took place on June 6, 1944 where Normandy, France
What was the main group of people the Nazi’s persecuted? Jews
What was the name of the Project that created the atomic bomb? Manhattan
What was the Native American Tribe used as a top secret unit of Native Americans used by the US in the Pacific because their language could not be translated and was never broken by Japan? Navajo
Where were the 2 atomic bomb dropped by the US to end the war. Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Germany was lead by what man and what was his party? Hitler, Nazi
Italy was led by what man and what type of government? Mussolini, Fascism
Russia was led by what man and what type of government? Stalin, Communism
Where did the Allies land on D-Day? Normandy, France
What was significant about the fighting at Stalingrad? Russia won and it was the bloodiest battle in History
Which were 2 key results of the Geneva Convention? Convictions of war criminals, execution of Nazi war leaders
Who were the Nuremberg Trials for? Nazi war criminals
Who were the 2 American Presidents during WWII? F. Roosevelt and Truman
Who was the Japanese leader during WWII? Hirohito
Who were the 2 British Prime Ministers during WWII? Chamberlain, Churchill
Created by: janetmpollard
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