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Progress and Poverty

Ch. 11

Industrial Revolution shift in the economy from agricultural to manufacturing
Vanderbilt Made his fortune in RAILROADS
Rockefeller His Standard Oil Company had a monopoly on the OIL industry
Carnegie Used the Bessemer process to make millions from STEEL
capitalists those who invest in businesses and run them for profit
laissez-faire "let it alone" policy of government/economy
yellow journalism sensationalized reporting; used during the Spanish-American War
USS Maine US ship that was protecting Cuba and was thought to have been blown up by the Spanish, prompting war
Spanish American War "Splendid Little War" that ended in 10 weeks and resulted in the US gaining territories of Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines
imperialism increasing a nation's power by gaining control over other countries
deflation falling prices
cotton Southern crop that declined in value and was overproduced
gold standard gold is used o set the value of all money
phosphate material that was mined in SC and used for fertilizer
textiles items made of cloth (thread, clothing, towels, sheets, etc.)
mill village community where factory workers lived, often on the edge of streams
resort towns Southern cities that Northerners visited to get away and enjoy the fresh air
Bourbons Political group who wanted to redeem SC to the "good old days" before the Civil War
Wade Hampton III Democrat who was SC governor and US Senator and passed the Eight Box Law to disfranchise the black vote
convict lease system made prisons pay for themselves by having prisoners work (railroads, mining, plantations, etc.)
Tillman farmer who was supported by the Populist Party
Populism the "common people" including farmers and factory workers
Clemson College created for agriculture
Winthrop Female college created for teaching
Dispensary SC state government monopoly of liquor sales
prohibition outlawing of all alcoholic beverages
Constitution of 1895 Document that outlines the government for SC; written by Tillman and intended to prevent blacks from voting
segregation separation of the races
Plessy vs. Ferguson 1896 Supreme Court case that ruled "separate but equal" was legal
Jim Crow system Segregation and discrimination that began in the late 1800s
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