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6 Hist Ch 12 BJU HS

1. linguistics 2. botany 3. archaeology 4. oral history 4 ways (other than written records) of learning about people and their history 1. spoke Swahili 2. were Muslim
1. spoke Swahili 2. were Muslim 2 similarities of the independent cities of eastern Africa's coast
Aksum King Ezana made Christianity the official religion of _______________
Bantu early African people; linguists traced their migration route from the Benue River to southern Africa
because Sunni Ali first led the fight for its independence and then conquered the cities in the area Why did the city of Songhai become an empire?
because the Malian king (Mansa Musa) gave away so much gold Why did the price of gold drop in the region where Mansa Musa traveled?
botanist scientists who study plants. Can trace the movements of people by their crops
by common language how do historians divide Africa's early peoples into groups?
camel Taureg's most valuable possession
clan a group of families descended from a common ancestor
click Bushmen & Khoikhoi spoke unusual _____________ languages
desert a region with few plants that receives less than ten inches of rain a year.
Dutch & English two groups of people who came to the southern tip of Africa
gold mines because _________ were located south of Ghana, Ghana could control all the trade of salt & gold
griot an African storyteller
he was a devout Muslim Why did Mansa Musa make a pilgrimage to Mecca?
Islam Arabian merchants brought this religion to Ghana
it was near the only source of water for miles around Why was Ghana's location ideal?
linguistics the study of the structure and changes of languages
Mwene Mutapa the ancestors of the Shona
oasis a fertile area in the desert with water.
oral history stories about the past that are spoken instead of written
Pygmies people of small stature who lived in the rain forest of the Congo basin
rain shadow desert forms when the wind blows the water vapor high into nearby mountains without allowing rain to fall on the lowlands
rainforest a tropical forest filled with huge trees and vines and a large variety of wildlife; receives annual rains of one hundred inches or more
regions (northern, western, central, eastern, & southern) to study Africa, Geographers organize (divide) Africa by ______________
savanna area with tall grasses and few trees
study the map on pg. 187 of your student activity manual study the map on pg. 187 of your student activity manual
Sundiata the strong ruler of Mali known as the Lion King
the eager faith with which the Jews should have welcomed Him Jesus used the queen of Sheba as an example of ______________________________________________________________________
the Great Zimbabwe a city of stone-slab buildings that was home to the Great Enclosure
the number of cattle they owned Maasai measured their wealth and social standing by
Timbuktu Songhai center of Islamic faith & learning was located in ______________________
to prove their manhood Why did Maasai warriors participate in ceremonies?
Created by: Mrs_CC