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Chapter 12 history test 9th grade

Reconstruction the period of rebuilding that followed the civil war, during which the defeated Confederate states were readmitted to the union
Radical Republicans one of the congressional republicans who after the civil war wanted to destroy the political power of former slave holders and give african americans full citizenship and right to vote
wade davis bill bill passed in 1864 and vetoed by pres lincoln that would've given Congress control of reconstruction
freedman's bureau a federal agency set up to help former slaves after the civil war
black codes discriminatory laws passed throughout the post civil war south severely restricting african american lives, prohibiting travel without permits, carrying weapons, serving on juries, testifying and marrying whites
14th amendment adopted in 1868 makes all people born/naturalized in the us, including former slaves, citizens and guaranteeing equal protection
impeach to formally charge an official with misconduct in office, house of representatives has sole power to impeach federal officials
15th amendment adopted in 1870 prohibits denial of voting rights to people because of race/color or because they are former slaves
scalawag a white southerner who joined the republican party after the civil war
carpetbagger a northerner who moved to the south after the civil war
sharecropping system in which landowners gave farm workers land, seed, and tools in return for a part of the crops they raise
tenant farming system in which farm workers supply their own tools and rent farmland for cash
kkk secret organization that used terrorist tactics in an attempt to restore white supremacy in southern states after the civil war
panic of 1873 a series of financial failures that triggered a 5 year depression in the us
redemption the southern democrats' term for their return to power in the south in the 1870s
compromise of 1877 series of congressional measures where the democrats accepted the republican candidate rutherford b hayes as president even though he lost the popular vote
home rule a state's power of governing its citizens without federal government
jim crow laws state and local laws that enforced racial segregation in the Southern United States
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