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Unit 7 Part 2 - DD

7th Grade

How did Texas change after WWII? Texas became more industrialized, women and minorities were treated more equal and given more opportunities because of their service during the war; however, discrimination and segregation were still going on in much of the South.
What did the Texas farmer have to contribute to the war effort in World War I? Much needed food supply for the soldiers overseas and raw materials like cotton to make uniforms
How were women's and minorities roles expanded during WWII? Minorities were needed for various jobs in the military as well as combat duty. Women were needed for jobs in the military such as pilots, mechanics, drivers, nurses, etc. But women were really needed here at home working in the factories and farms.
What caused the Dust Bowl? Overplowing, overgrazing, lack of crop rotation, drought, depletion of nutrients from the soil
Explain how World War II brought Texas and the U.S. out of the Great Depression There was a need for war related materials and supplies that got America's factories producing again for the war and this put people back to work. Once people had money in their pockets they were free to spend it and that helped boost the economy.
What started World War II for America? The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
What was the purpose of the D-Day invasion in Europe on June 6, 1944? It was going to take more than air power to remove the Germans who were well entrenched all over Western Europe . It would take "boots on the ground" in order to push the Germans back to Berlin. It would be very costly in human lives but necessary.
Why did the United States decide to drop the A Bombs on Japan? This decision would hopefully bring the war to an end much quicker and with less American lives sacrificed. The United States also wanted to rebuild Japan into a democracy by getting there before Russia.
Created by: ddriskill



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