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Ch. 15 LA History

Ch. 15 Louisiana History

Which LA culture describes Edwin Edwards’ heritage? Cajun
Who was Louisiana’s first governor to be elected without a runoff election? Charles Roemer
Who was elected governor one hundred years after his grandfather was elected governor of Louisiana? Murphy J. Foster
What was an important issue during Edwin Edwards’ fourth term as governor? Medicaid spending
How many terms did Edwin Edwards serve as governor of Louisiana? 4
When did Edwards take a celebratory trip to France? after his third election victory
In what way was Edwin Edwards’ career as Louisiana’s governor similar to that of Huey Long? Both men faced allegations of political corruption.
Which conclusion could be drawn from the timeline? Edwin Edwards was one of the most influential Louisiana politician of the late 20th century.
Which was the “showcase accomplishment” of Jindal’s first term as governor? ethics reform laws
Who is the governor of Louisiana today? Jon Bel Edwards
Which of the following caused a shift in population from cities to suburbs in the late 1960s and early 1970s? federally ordered school desegregation
Which best explains why the Hispanic population of Louisiana experienced the most growth between 2000 and 2010? Many came seeking work in the post-Katrina construction industry.
How much revenue is brought in from tourism yearly? $10 Billion
What famous television program lures visitors to visit Louisiana? Duck Dynasty
Which painter is famous for the “Blue Dog”? George Rodrigue
Why did Edwin Edwards not run for a 3rd term in 1980? He was prohibited from doing so by the state constitution.
How does an open primary differ from the traditional primary format? Members from all parties run against each other in one election.
What was the purpose of Treen’s proposed Coastal Wetlands Environmental Levy? raise money to restore the state’s wetlands
What was the purpose for Edwards’ 1984 trip to France? To celebrate and pay off campaign debts.
How many times was Edwin Edwards brought to trial for corruption charges? 3
What were the results of Edwards’ first two trials on 1985 and 1986? mistrial and not guilty
Which describes Charles Roemer’s platform when he ran for governor? ending political corruption
Which explains why Roemer wanted to lower taxes on businesses and raise them on individuals? He believed this would encourage businesses to come to Louisiana and provide better jobs.
The legally authorized killing of someone as punishment for a crime. capital punishment
A trial that is not valid because of an error or because the jury cannot decide a verdict. mistrial
Authorization or approval given to an elected official by the voters. mandate
A person who believes that the white race is better than all other races and should control all other races. white supremacist
A secret white supremacist organization first founded after the Civil War that reemerged in the twentieth century. Ku Klux Klan
The practice of improving the educational and job opportunities for members of groups that have been discriminated against in the past. affirmative action
Questioning persons to obtain information or opinions. polling
To remove something from government control and place it in private control or ownership. privatize
The movement of white residents from cities to less racially integrated suburban communities. white flight
Putting people in prison. incarceration
A phrase that means “let the good times roll”; it is often used in connection with Mardi Gras, and it became a slogan of Edwin Edwards. laissez les bon temps rouler
Which two groups supported Edwin Edwards? African Americans and Cajuns
Which did Roemer do to increase state revenues? legalized riverboat gambling and a lottery
Which is the best interpretation of this bumper sticker? Louisiana citizens felt that voting for Edwards was the “lesser of two evils.”
Which of the following happened as a result of David Duke finishing in the top of the 1991 open primary? Tens of thousands turned out to register to vote before the runoff.
Which organization was founded by David Duke in the early 1980's? National Association of the Advancement of White People
Which explains how Mike Foster “returned dignity and calm to the governor’s mansion”? passed measures to end government favoritism
Which was the first woman to be elected governor of Louisiana? Kathleen Blanco
What defined Kathleen Blanco’s term as governor of Louisiana? Hurricane Katrina
Who was the first Indian American governor? Bobby Jindal
Who did Edwin Edwards defeat in his first gubernatorial election? David Treen
Which was Edwards’ highest priority when he first took office in 1972? propose a new constitution
Which best describes why the Constitution of 1921 needed to be replaced? It had 536 amendments that generally favored special interest groups.
Which did the Constitution of 1974 require of Edwin Edwards? reorganization and reduction of state government
During his first two terms as governor, what changes did Edwards make to taxes in Louisiana? decreased individual taxes and eliminated property taxes
Which explains why Edwards changed the severance tax to a value-based system? It would raise the severance tax as the price of oil rose.
What affect did Edwards’ value-based tax on oil have on Louisiana? an increased state budget
Created by: Esther Landry
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