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Humanities Test 3

Protestant Reformation Beliefs Reject authority of Pope & follow the Bible
Martin Luther German monk, very intelligent college professor, keeps list of 3 things w him: -things he did (sin) -things he forgot to do -things he’s unsure of Gets obsessed & fascinated w things Also wrote the 95 theses- 95 reasons why he hates indulgences
Copernicus Believed earth was center of Solar System (geocentric) then realized the Sun is center & we are moving (Heliocentric)
Henry VIII historical significance King who splits Church of England away from Catholic Church, rejects pope, & makes England independent
Woodcut Cut into back of wood - limited than other types of art Easy to carve
Etching Wax over surface of copper Lines are more precise Everything black & white Lots of time to work w If you want grey DONT USE THIS
Engraving Scrape into object w sharp tool Can control how dark or light If you mess up, oh well
Reformation’s impact on science Rise of science - paranoia of witchcraft Fear is filed by witchcraft & science
Don Quixote Story by Cervantes Old man who lives out his dream of being a knight in shining armor, he treats everyone with respect & no one sees what he sees. “One person’s choices can change the world”
Counterreformation Catholic Church trying to win Protestants back Admits to wrong doings & says it’ll be fixed Creates the Council of Trent to educate priests
Toccata Intended to show off
Jesuits Group of monks who are educated Society of Jesus Ignatius Loyola - leader
John Locke Monarchy & dictatorship- BAD IDEA it’s about them not the government Power remains in hands of people
The government in America is based off of the ideals of ... John Locke
“Weapons” Or elements of counter reformation Education (1%-> Kings, etc) Art (lower class)
Paradise Lost Artwork-> Adam & Eve & the garden Not the Apple being eaten BUT the decision being thought of
Bach Pipe organ specialist Moved from church to church but eventually starts to write his own music
Baroque characteristics Dramatic Chiaroscuro- light & dark Caught in action or emotion Advertisement Get message across
Northern & southern baroque art North-> Protestant (private) South-> catholic (public)
Louis XIV King of France by grace of God The SUN king (light of his people) Compares himself to Apollo Holds palace for himself, court, & servants in Versailles Thinks the extraordinary is normal bc he grew up spoiled
Characteristics of Rococo art Elaborate Pastel colors, muted colors Subject: love Grace & prettiness Soft & gentle features
Voltaire Frustrated w France bc they’re lazy& ridiculous beliefs (appreciate the simple things, it could be worse) Writes book Candide to help people understand how dumb they sound Tried to encourage them to take responsibility
Causes of French Revolution Bad financial management Famine Wants to be like England
Romanticism characteristics Emotion & border where logic crosses over into magical, supernatural, or unknown and irrational Nature Individual hero
Hegelian dialectic Decisions can be broken down into a flow chart Thesis - idea Antithesis - objection Synthesis - combination
State capital at Richmond’s design Jefferson designs it to be Greco-Roman They like the Roman & Greek ideals U.S, just became a country
Napoleon Smart military general (strategist) Steps up to save the day Never starts a fight he can’t win Restore economy Revokes homes & statuses of people who are not if European decent Invaded Spain
Created by: Nina Nickelson
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