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Chapter 14 Review

A New Spirit of Change, 1820 - 1860

Most people who came to America in the 1800's came from what continent? Europe
Which immigrant group came to America in the largest numbers? Germans
What are some push factors that made people want to leave their homeland? War, poverty, lack of jobs, overcrowding/overpopulation, religious persecution, disease, famine
What are some pull factors that brought many immigrants to America ? Liberty/freedom, job opportunities, available farm land, religious freedom, reunite with family members
What caused many Irish to come to American in the mid 1800's? The Irish Potato Famine
What is a famine? A severe food shortage
What problems did many immigrants face after arriving in America? A lack of available housing; small, crowded, unsanitary apartments; low wage jobs in unsafe working conditions; discrimination
What is a tenement? A run-down and often overcrowded apartment house, usually in a poor section of a large city.
What does it mean to reform? To change or improve.
What was the purpose of the Temperance Movement? To encourage moderation in the consumption of alcohol, or to ban it altogether.
Who led the temperance movement? Women
What is the purpose of a labor union? To band together to fight for improved working conditions.
What does it mean to go on strike? To stop working to demand better conditions.
What were labor unions fighting for? Safer work places, higher wages, shorter hours
Which state created the first state board of education in the U.S.? Massachusetts
Who led education reform in America? Horace Mann
Who led the fight for better treatment of the mentally ill? Dorothea Dix
What were some objectives of prison reform? To have children go to special jails separate from adults, and to rehabilitate prisoners to be productive after they are released from jail.
How did Dorothea Dix fight for prison and asylum reform? She pleaded with the Massachusetts State Legislature to improve care for the mentally ill.
What was the movement to end slavery? Abolition
What former slaves supported abolition by giving public speeches about their experiences? Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth
What was the Underground Railroad? A secret network of safehouses and escape routes to help slaves escape from slavery.
Who became famous for leading slaves to freedom as a conductor on the Underground Railroad. Harriet Tubman
What is suffrage? The right to vote.
Who led the fight for women's suffrage in America? Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton
What was the purpose of the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848? To call attention to the unfair treatment of women.
When did women in America earn the right to vote? 1920
What amendment gave women in America the right to vote? 19th
Created by: jannasnyder