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History Review

Why was Seneca Falls, NY significant during the reform movement? That it where the first womens rights movement meeting was held
What are the terms of the Compromise of 1850? - California was counted as a free state - New mexico and Utah organized under popular sovereignty (they could vote) -Slave trade was abolished in DC
What is the Fugitive Slave Law, and how did it affect freedmen? The fugitive slave law was when if you saw someone that looked like a slave you had to, by law, return them to a slave owner. Freed men were affected because they weren't safe even though they were free.
What reform movement was Dorothea Dix responsible for? The movement for the Mentally Ill/ Unstable
How did the fugitive slave act affect the people in the North? They were upset because freed people were being put to work on farms
In what way did Fredrick Douglas contribute to the abolitionist movement? He wrote the North Star newspaper
How did Americans react to the Kansas-Nebraska Act? The citizens refused to follow new laws
What is the economy like in the North, South, North-West, and West? North- factories, South- Farming, Mid-West- Agriculture, West- Mining
What issue did the Missouri Compromise address? Slavery
What region of the US were immigrants most likely to settle in, and why? The North because, the factories were all up there, so there were more places for them to work
What constitutional issue did President Lincoln have to address the moment that he took office? States succeeding
What do New Orleans and Boston have in common? Theyre both port cities
What type of art did the Hudson River school create? Landscapes
Did Industrialization cause an increase or decrease in sectional differences in the 1800's? It caused an increase
Describe the verdict in the Supreme Court case Dred Scott vs. Sanford Scott was a freed slave, and someone turned him in to a slave worker. Scott tried to fight the case by taking it to the Supreme Court, but was then found as a slave. Northerners were mad
What movement was Ralph Waldo Emerson responsible for leading? Transcendentalism
What occurred to agricultural labor in the upper southern states in the mid 1800's? The cotton gin made slaves go to the lower states to grow more cotton
How did the Missouri Compromise affect sectional tensions? Tension relaxed a bit
Why is Susan B. Anthony significant in US History? She was a founder of the womens rights movement
Created by: alyssap84


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