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SS Chapter 9

SS Chapter 9 Vocabulary

mesa, butte, canyon three landforms caused by erosion
Grand Canyon the deepest canyon located in Arizona
desert an area of dry lands where little rain falls
aquifers underground layers of rock or gravel that trap water
adaptation when a plant or animal slowly changes over many years allowing it to survive in its environment
dry farming a good way to grow crops with only rain water
Colorado River erosion from this river formed the Grand Canyon
Dust Bowl when an area of the Great Plains experienced terrible droughts and dust storms
aqueduct a pipe or canal that carries the water to cities or farms
erosion this is caused when water, wind, or ice slowly carry away soil and rock
petroleum also called oil and is formed underground from the remains of dead plants
petrochemicals chemicals made from petroleum
boom town a town that grew very quickly wherever oil is discovered
crude oil petroleum that bubbles up from the ground
refinery a factory where crude oil is transported and then separated into parts that can be used
Spindletop the hill where a drilling crew first struck oil
Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona the states that make up the Southwest Region
paint product made from a light fraction
gas product made from a medium fraction
grease product made from a heavy fraction
Black Gold a name for petroleum because it is black and valuable
why it is important to conserve petroleum it is nonrenewable
Created by: P Hatting