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Inca S. Stack

Valeria Mendez

Evident Easily noticed or understood
Breed To raise animals or plants to be useful to humans
Category Group of people or things with similar qualities
Sustain To provide enough food or water to continue
Efficient Describing something that works well and effectively
Inspect To examine carefully to find out something or to check condition
Pampas Or the vest grassy plain of Argentina and Uruguay
Altiplano A high plain centered in Bolivia
Terraces Or flat stripes of level land
Pachacuti Greatest of sapa Inca was ...., who took power in 1438
Diplomacy Is the management of communication and relationships between people or nations
Huayna Caspac Took power in 1493
Hierarchy Is a system for ranking members of a group according to their importance
Ayllu Was a group of related families that lived in the same location
Communal properties Owned and managed by the government for public use
Mita Or labor tax
Theology Or religious teachings and practice
Administration Means to management of a government or business
Quipu A record-keeping device mad of knotting strings.
Census Or population survey
Welfare state A government that takes responsibility for the well-being of its citizens
Created by: ValeriaM
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