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Global 10

Latin American Revolution/ Haitian Revolution

Encomienda System Was a legal system of forced labor established by the spanish in the 1500's Top of pyramid: Peninsularies ( from the Peninsula) Creoles Mestizos Slaves/ Native Americans System of contol multiculturalism cultural diffusion
Popular Sovereignty Is he principle that the authority of the state and government is created by the consent of the people through elected representatives repulic LAR and the US Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin Enlightenment Used by American plantation owners
Haitian Revolution A political revolution from 1791-1804 that started as a result of a series of slave revolts on the French colony of St. Domingue 1st black republic in western world Toussaint L"Ouverture voodoo 1st successful slave revolt ind. nation
Toussaint L'Ouverture 1743-1803 best known leader of the Haitian Revolution he helped emancipate slaves became involved after the French attacked and massacred slaves successful military leader Naopleon makes a promise to Toussaint betrays him dies after interrogations
Latin American Revolution A series of political revolutions that took place from 1750-1914 against European colonial powers Mexican Revolution- late 1800's (1910-1920) Pedro I and Brazil 1825 South America's fight for independence econmienda system
Simon Bolivar Known as the great liberator he worked to gain independence for South America from Spain Creole Kept company with Napoleon Bonaparte Liberated: Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Panama French and Haitian Revolution influenced LAR Jose
Jose de San Martin An Argentine general who fought for Argentina's independence from Spain (1778-1850-life) worked with Simon Bolivar considered a national hero of Peru and Argentina Latin American Revolution Creole Ecomienda System
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