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Frankiln D. Roosevelt President of the US when the war started
Adolf Hitler Dictator of Germany/Leader of the Nazi Party
Benito Mussolini Dictator of Italy
Winston Churchill Prime Minister (Leader) of the British government
Hideki Tojo Leader of Japan
Joseph Stalin Dictator of Russia (USSR) - Union of Soviet Socialist Republic
Admiral Chester Nimitz Commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet
General Dwight D. Eisenhower Commander of all of the Allied Forces. Would later become president of the U.S.
General George S .Patton Led U.S. Forces in the Battle of the Bulge and the march to Germany
President Harry S. Truman FDR dies suddenly and VP Truman is sworn in as president. Will lead US through the end of the war. Decided to use atomic bomb on Japan in hope of surrender and avoiding invasion that would cost more American lives.
Anne Frank 13 year old Jewish girl from the Netherlands. Hid with her family for nearly 2 years in a hiding place over her father's office. She kept a diary which is one of the best accounts of the life of Jews under Nazi rule. She died in a concentration camp.
Allied Powers Britan, France, United States, some smaller countries
Axis Power Germany,Italy, Japan
Dictator A leader who gains comple control of a country's government, often by force or intimidation
Facisim a form of government where indiviual freedoms are denied and comlete power is given to the government. Extreme nationalism
Lend-Lease the U.S. let Brittain borrow all the military supplies it needed to fight the axis and did not ask for payment. isolationists protested because they thought FDR was lending the U.S. into war.
Rationing government limiting the amount of food, gasoline, etc. that people could buy. Stamps for prducts were sent out monthly.
Victory Gardens small vedetetable gardens planted to help increse the amount of food avalible in the countries. They were in yards and evrn on rooftops.
Atomic bombs massive explosive device made by spliting atoms.
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