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What was the economic base of Georgia and the other southern colonies during the colonial period? rice, indigo, wheat and forest products
Which invention had the greatest effect on Georgia's economy in the early 1800s? cotton gin
When Georgia trades peanuts to china in exchange for toys, both countries gain
Taxes on imported goods are known as tariffs
What factor LEAST contributes to the success of an entrepreneur? family money
What is not an example of a product made in Georgia today? petroleum
Another name for the founder of a company is entrepreneur
A motivating factor for entrepreneurs is the desire to maximize their profit and gain weight
Entrepreneurs risk limited resources to provide innovative goods and earn services in the hope they would earn profit
Delta Airlines is most closely associated with Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank became successful business man by providing a wide assortment of products and the best costumer service
Most of Georgia revenue come from income tax
Georgia-Pacific does NOT manufacture pesticides
The largest percentage of state funds go to education
Most of Georgia's revenue goes to provide what? service to its citizens
What is the first step to developing Georgia state budget? Each department submit request for funding
What factor MOST LIKELY determines whether funding for program is included in state budget? the benefits and and cost effectiveness of a program
What is the advantage of a savings account over a checking account? savings accounts pay a higher rate of interest
When is the best time to borrow money? when interest rates are low
What is an example of a service industry? tourism
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