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SS8E1-SS8E5 Kayla

What is trade? The voluntary exchange of goods and services among people and countries.
What is bartering? The trading of goods and services without the use of money.
What is an import? A product brought into a country from another country to sell.
What is an export? A product a country sells to another country.
What are taxes on imported goods known as? Tariffs
The increase in tonnage in Georgia ports occurred between 2002 and 2003
What factor least contributes to the success of an entrepreneur? Family money
A motivating factor for entrepreneurs is their desire to risk their limited productive resources.
What entrepreneur is associated with Coca-Cola? John S. Pemberton
Where did the company that became Delta Airlines begin? Macon
What is Delta Airlines most closely associated with? Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Who were the entrepreneurs who founded The Home Depot warehouse stores? Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank
Most of Georgia's revenue comes from which type of tax? income taxes
What percent of Georgia's revenue comes from sources other than income or sales taxes? 20%
What is the largest percent of state funds spent on? education
Why does scarcity occur? Because our wants and needs are unlimited but our resources are limited.
What are savings? The income that a person has not spent after buying things that he or she wants.
What is investing? Putting money aside in order to receive a greater benefit in the future.
What is interest? A fee for the use of money.
When Georgia trades peanuts to China in exchange for toys, both countries gain
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