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Gr 4 History Ch 9

Gr 4 History Ch 9 Chapter Questions

What was the name given to France's territory in America? New France
The French were aided by whom in their war against the British? the Indians
Why did the French oppose England's westward movement in the New World? They saw that they were losing valuable trapping grounds.
What would the French and Indian War decide? who would be the most powerful country in North America
To what fort did British soldiers go to tell the French to leave? Fort Le Boeuf
What Virginia colonist took command when General Braddock was wounded? George Washington
What was the first settlement in New France? Quebec
What did France build to strengthen her claims in New France? forts along the Ohio River
Did the Indians help the British or the French during the French and Indian War? the French
When was the French and Indian War fought? 1754-1763
To what French fort did George Washington take a message from the governor of Virginia? Fort Le Boeuf
Why did England almost lose the French and Indian War? They fought out in the open where they stood and became easy targets for the French and the Indians.
What great English general was killed in the French and Indian War? General Braddock
What city did the British attack to force the French to surrender? Quebec
Why was it so difficult to attack Quebec? Quebec is built high on a cliff beside the St. Lawrence River.
Who won the French and Indian War? England
What were four important results of the French and Indian War? 1. It answered the question of which country would be more important in North America. 2. The colonists gained valuable experience as soldiers. 3. George Washington became a great hero. 4. More colonists began moving into the Ohio Valley.
Created by: mbrennan262