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Gr 4 History Ch 8

Gr 4 History Ch 8 Chapter Questions

Why did such good people as the colonists need a revival? Many of them had never accepted Christ as their personal Savior
What American Puritan preacher helped the Great Awakening get started? Jonathan Edwards
Who founded the Methodist church? John Wesley
What Great Awakening preacher came to America seven times to preach the gospel? George Whitefield
Who was a famous American missionary to the Indians? David Brainerd
What was the name of Brainerd's faithful Indian helper? Tattamy
What was the Great Awakening? a spiritual revival that swept through the colonies between 1730 and 1760
What happened to make Jonathan Edwards a changed person? When he was 18, he accpeted Christ as his personal Savior.
What was another name for the Puritan churches? Congregational churches
Why did Jonathan Edwards move to the frontier? His church in Northampton would not let him preach anymore.
Jonathan Edwards became president of what university just before his death? Princeton
What church did John Wesley start? the Methodist church
Who was the mother of John and Charles Wesley? Susanna Wesley
Where did John and Charles Wesley go to college? Oxford University
Why was John Wesley's first trip to America unsuccessful? John had not yet accepted Christ personally as Savior.
Why did John Wesley start preaching in the open air? The ministers in the Church of England did not want him to preach in their churches.
How many times did George Whitefield come to America to preach the gospel? seven
Why did George Whitefield preach outdoors? The churches supported by the colonial government were against Whitefield's preaching
Who was Whitefield's famous American friend? Benjamin Franklin
In whose home did David Brainerd die? Jonathan Edwards
How did the Great Awakening affect America? It drew colonists together so that our country would truly become one nation under God.
Who pastored a church in Middleborough, Massachusetts, for fifty-eight years and also worked to make America a free country? Isaac Backus
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