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SLO Review SC Hist

partisans militia/minutemen who were Patriots during the Revolutionary War
Patriots colonists who supported independence from Britain
Loyalists People who supported Britain and King George III
Battle of Camden Continental Army retreated and lost
Battle of Cowpens Victory for the Continental Army
Battle of Kings Mountain Turning point of the Revolutionary War in the South
Articles of Confederation First form of a constitution for the US (unsuccessful)
US Constitution outlines the government for the US; supreme law of the land (replaced Articles of Confederation)
Legislative Branch of government that makes the laws (Congress)
Executive President, Vice President, Cabinet
Judicial Branch of government that determines if laws are constitutional (Supreme Court)
government by the people Based on the Declaration of Independence, the US government gets its power from the people
Checks and balances ensures that one branch of government does not get too much power
John C. Calhoun Famous SC politician, Warhawk, and Vice President (left this position to help with Nullification Crisis)
Fugitive Slave Act required runaway slaves to be returned to their owners (benefited slave owners)
Dred Scott Decision Supreme Court case where former slave sued for his freedom; Ruled that slaves were not citizens and MO Comp was unconstitutional (benefited slave owners)
Kansas-Nebraska Act Created popular sovereignty and dealt with the free/slave state balance
Election of 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected President; final straw that led to SC seceding from the Union
Unionist People who wanted to remain a part of the United States in the antebellum era
Secessionists People who supported seceding from the United States in the antebellum era
blockade prevents supplies from getting to port
William T. Sherman Led the March to the Sea; was especially tough on SC (including the capital Columbia) because it was where the war began
Port Royal became headquarters for the Union naval blockade of Charleston
Charleston SC city that feared a Union attack after the fall of Port Royal
Fort Sumter The attack on this military fort in SC marks the start of the Civil War
Robert Smalls Slave who earned freedom for himself and his family by sailing his ship to Union lines (out of Charleston harbor)
CSS Hunley Submarine used during the Civil War; sunk the Housatonic
Anaconda Plan North's strategy to control the Mississippi River and split the Confederacy in half
Lincoln's goal to reunite the United States
Black Codes Prevented blacks from voting by using literacy tests, poll tax, etc.
Republican Rule During Reconstruction, when blacks were allowed to play a bigger role in statewide government
Reconstruction Amendments 13, 14, 15 amendment granted freedom and basic rights to slaves (abolish slavery, citizenship, right to vote)
Created by: mrscombs
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