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American Indians

Mississippian Indians The last major prehistoric Native American culture in Georgia during the time period of 800 AD (CE) - 1600 AD (CE).
Commoners The work force in the Mississippian Indian Chiefdom culture.
Elite The power holders in the Mississippian Indian chiefdom culture.
Horticulture Garden cultivation; important to the Mississippian culture.
Maize Another word for corn.
Wattle and Daub Walls built with woven sticks and covered with mud or clay; used by early American Indian cultures before european contact.
Creek A Mississippian Indian tribe that lived in southern Georgia when the Europeans arrived.
Cherokee A Mississippian Indian tribe that lived in the northern part of Georgia when the Europeans arrived.
Palisades A wall of logs around American Indian towns; built as protection from enemies.
Three G’s God, gold, and glory; reasons Spain was interested in North America (particularly the Southeast).
Mercantilism An economic policy of Great Britain where more goods are exported than imported.
Conquistador Spanish explorers who attempted to force their dominance,culture,and religion on American Indians.
Hernando DeSoto A Spanish conquistador who lived from 1496-1542 and led an expedition through the southeastern United States; credited as being the first European in Georgia.
Smallpox One of the diseases spread to the Mississippian Indians by DeSotos men; measles and influenza were also spread.
Missions Churches set up by the Spanish in hopes of converting American Indians to Christianity, particularly Catholicism, and to establish colonies for Spain.
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