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7 Hist Ch 16 WS BJU

Alexander II Russian czar from 1855-1881 and he freed the serfs.
anarchy society without government or law
Bakunin Radical who wanted society without government
Boxer Rebellion A 1900 revolt in China, aimed at ending foreign influence in the country.
Catherine the Great Russian ruler who became ruler after her husband died. She legalized the sale of serfs separately from the land
Crimean War Russian war against Ottomans for control of the Black Sea; intervention by Britain and France cause Russia to lose; Russians realize need to industiralize.
Decembrist Revolt a failed attempt by army officers to take control of the Russian government, replace Nicholas I and set up a constitutional monarchy
Dostoevsky Russian Eastern Orthodox novelist who wrote Crime and Punishment
Empress Dowager Cixi Empress of China and adopted mother of Emperor Guangxi. She put her son under house arrest, supported anti-foreign movements like the so-called Boxers, and resisted reforms of the Chinese government and armed forces.
France Britain competed for India with this country
French took over Algeria from the Ottomans
Goforth Canadian missionary to China
Guangxu Chinese ruler who worked to modernize China and developed a constitutional monarchy
Hong Xiuquan Claimed to be the younger brother of Jesus and called himself a "Heavenly King"
Hundreds Days' Reform failed attempt to make significant political, legal and social changes in China
Japan Asian country that defeated Russian in 1905
Japan first Asian nation to become industrialized even though it had few natural resources
Mahmud II Ottoman who laid the foundation for a modern Turkey
Michael Bakunin Father of Anarchism
Napoleon his troops failed to permanently conquer Egypt
Opium Addictive Jdrug introduced to China from Britain
opium the trade of this product drained Chinese finances
Ottoman Empire Greece and Serbia gained their freedom from this empire
Ottomans lost control of the Black Sea area to the Russians in the mid 19th century
Perry Pressured Japan to open for trade and end its isolation
Poland Russia, along with other nations, partitioned this country to continue their expansion
Qing the last imperial dynasty of China (from 1644 to 1912) which was overthrown by revolutionaries
Robert Clive British general who led them to a victory at the Battle of Plassey in India
Russia a harsh winter in this country caused great losses to Napoleon's army
Sepoy Mutiny an 1857 rebellion of Hindu and Muslim soldiers against the British in India
Shintoism state religion of Japan
Sino-Japanese War a war between China and Japan for influence, power, and territory
Spheres of Influence an area in China where a foreign nation controlled economic developments such as railroad construction and mining
The Balkans geopolitical and cultural region of southeastern Europe named after a mountain range.
Created by: Mrs_CC
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