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U.S. History

U.S. History: Land of New Beginnings Unit 1

Who was the explorer who reached the Cape of Good Hope at the southern tip of Africa? Bartholomew Dias
What Portuguese explorer sailed all the way around Africa? Vasco Da Gama
Who discovered the New World but mistakenly thought he had reached the Indies? Christopher Columbus
What Portuguese sailor led a three-year voyage around the new world? Ferdinand Magellan
What was the first permanent European settlement in the present-day United States? St. Augustine
Name the Viking adventurer who was likely the first European to see North America? Leif Ericson
In what year was the Spanish Armada destroyed by the English navy? 1588
After whom is America named? Amerigo Vespucci
Which Spanish explorer discovered the Pacific Ocean? Vasco de Balboa
Who is known as the "Father of New France"? Samuel de Champlain
Who was known as the "Morning Star of the Reformation"? John Wycliffe
What was the first permanent English settlement in the New World? Jamestown
Who saved the Jamestown settlement from failure in its early days? John Smith
What colony is associated with the Mayflower Compact? Plymouth
What early English settlement mysteriously disappeared? Roanoke
Who translated the Bible into English and gave the English people the first printed English Bible? William Tyndale
When was the House of Burgesses established? 1619
List the three key reasons for English colonization? Religious Freedom, Political Freedom, and Economic Freedom
What people formed the second largest group of colonial immigrants? Germans
By 1760, what was America's largest city? Philadelphia
Name the official church of the Southern colonies? Anglican Church
Give the agricultural nickname of the Middle colonies? Bread Colonies
What piece of legislation established the first public education system in the colonies? Headright System
What type of roads connected larger cities and were used to carry the mail? Post Roads
Harvard College was founded by the Puritans in? 1636
The Puritan missionary that was called the "Apostle of the Indians"? John Eliot
The trial of German printer that set an important precedent for freedom of the press in America. John Peter Zenger
The frontiersman who blazed the Wilderness Road was? Daniel Boone
What were the three most advanced civilizations to develop in the Western Hemisphere? Mayas, Aztecs, and Incas
List three important effects the Crusades had upon world history? They revived European trade with Orient, They gave rise to the middle class in Europe, and they served as a model for the conquest of the New World.
As a trade with Orient increased, what new social class arose in Europe? Middle Class
What were the four greatest nations to emerge in Western Europe? England, France, Spain, and Portugal
What invention brought Europe out of the Dark Ages? Movable-type Printing Press
Who invented it and when? Johann Gutenberg, 1440
Who began the Protestant Reformation and when? Martin Luther, 1517
Who finally agreed to finance Columbus's expedition? King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
Name the three ships Columbus led on his first voyage to the New World. Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria
Who is credited with being the first to realize that Columbus had discovered a new continent. Amerigo Vespucci
What imaginary line divided newly discovered lands between Spain and Portugal? Line of Demarcation
Who originally drew this line? Pope Alexander VI
Who made the first Spanish landing on the mainland of North America? Ponce de Leon
Who conquered the Aztecs of Mexico? Hernando Cortes
Who conquered the Incas of Peru? Francisco Pizarro
Who discovered the Mississippi River? Hernando de Soto
Who explored the coast of California for Spain? Juan Cabrillo
What King probably controlled more of the earth's surface than any other man in history? Philip II
What was the Catholic Church's response to the Protestant Reformation? Counter-Reformation
What led to the decline of Spain as a world power? The defeat of Armada
Who explored the eastern coast of North America for France? Giovanni da Verrazano
Who discovered the St. Lawrence River? Jacques Cartier
Name the Jesuit missionary and the fur trader who together led an expedition down the Mississippi River. Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet
Name the first permanent French settlement in the New World. Quebec
Who founded it? Samuel de Champlain
Who claimed the entire Mississippi Valley for France? Robert Cavelier de la Salle
What was the most profitable business in New France? Voyageurs
What King broke England away from the Roman Church? Henry VIII
Who was the first explorer in the Modern Age to reach the mainland of North America? John Cabot
Who was the first Englishmen to sail around the world? Sir Francis Drake
Name the three groups involved in English colonization? Sovereigns, Businessmen, and Settlers
Who was the first English child born in the present-day United States? Virginia Dare
Name two companies that received a charter to colonize Virginia. London Company and Plymouth Company
What is a permanent English settlement in the New World? Jamestown
What type of colony was owned and controlled directly by the King? Royal Colony
What representative body in Virginia acted as an advisory body to the governor? Nathaniel Bacon
Who led part of the Scrooby congregation to Leyden, Holland? Pastor John Robinson
What name was given to the group of businessmen who agreed to finance the Pilgrim's expedition to the New World? Adventurers
Name the first governor of the Plymouth colony. John Carver
Who wrote History of Plymouth Plantation? William Bradford
What legislative body did the Pilgrims establish to pass laws, and carry out provisions of the law, and judge cases arising under the law? General Court
What English king vowed to rule without Parliament? Charles I
What company provided the Puritans with an opportunity to find religious freedom in America? Massachusetts Bay Colony
Who was chosen to be the governor of the Puritans Colony? John Winthrop
Who made up the General Court? Freemen of the Colony
What was considered to be the first written constitution in America? Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
Name the First settlement in Rhode Island? Providence
What book did Roger Williams publish about the Indian Language? Key into the Language of America
What denomination played a large role in the establishment of Rhode Island and its system of government? Baptists
What colonies were included in the New England Confederation? Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, Connecticut, and New Haven
What was the greatest triumph of the New England Confederation? When it put down a fierce Indian uprising
Name the Organization under which the New England colonies, New York, and New Jersey were united in the 1680s? Dominion of New England
What colony was founded as a haven for English Catholics? Maryland
Who became Maryland's first governor? Leonard Calvert
What act in Maryland granted freedom of worship to anyone "professing to believe in Jesus Christ"? Toleration Act
Who acted as agent in the purchase of Manhattan Island from the Indians? Peter Minuit
For what religious group was Pennsylvania a haven? The Society of Friends (also known as Quakers)
What does Philadelphia mean? The City of Brotherly Love
Who founded Georgia? James Oglethorpe
When did they found Georgia? 1733
What was the largest city in colonial America? Philadelphia
What group of colonies became known for having many churches? Middle Colonies
What was the official church of the southern colonies? Anglican Church
List three social classes in America. Aristocracy, Middle Class, and Indentured Servants/Slaves
What was the occupation of at least 90% of the colonists? Farming
What system of farming was used in the southern colonies? Plantations
What crops were grown in the south for exportation? Tobacco, Indigo, and Rice
Who blazed a trail that later became known as the Wilderness Road? Daniel Boone
What connected larger cities, enabling mail to be carried more easily? Post Roads
Name four colonial industries. Lumber, Shipbuilding, Fishing, and Whaling Industries
What system of manufacturing was done in the home? Domestic System
What was the first institution of higher learning in British North America? Harvard College
What law provided for the establishment of the first public education system in America? Ole' Deluder Satan Act
What kind of schools were first established in the middle colonies? Hornbook
What replaced the first schools in the middle colonies? New England Primer
What academy was founded by Benjamin Franklin? Philadelphia Academy
What did Benjamin Franklin's academy later become? University of Pennsylvania
What printer's trial set an important precedent for American freedom of the press? John Peter Zenger
Name the royal colonies. Virginia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, New Jersey, and Georgia
What are the two bodies of a bicameral legislature? Upper House and Lower House
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