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World War I

What was America's role while being neutral? Selling munitions
What did most Americans want to do when the war started? Remain neutral
What incident initially started the war? The killing of Archduke Ferdinand
What incident got Americans to want to go to war? The Zimmerman telegram
What were 3 items that were a nuisance to soldiers in the trench? Lice, ticks, and flies
What could lead to the foot being cut off a soldier? Trench Foot
What animal were in the thousands and as big as cats? Rats
Before gas masks, soldiers used what to battle poison gas? Rags soaked in urine
What type of food did the soldiers have in the trenches? Corned Beef, jam and stew
What concept is represented in the World War I RECRUITING posters? Nationalism
Which area of Europe was known as the "Powder Keg" of Europe prior to the outbreak of World War I? The Middle East
Between 1923 and 1938, which leader instituted a modernization program in Turkey? Mustafa Kemal "Ataturk"
Mohandas Ghandi's protests during India's independence movement were often successful because of his application of what? Civil disobedience
"Czar Abdicates!" "Peasants promised Peace, Land and Bread". Which revolution is the focus of these headlines? Russian
One goal of the League of Nations was to do what? Promote peaceful relations worldwide
The term militarism can be defined as what? Buildup of armaments in preparation for war
Mohandas Ghandi's protests in India were a response to England's what? Policy of colonialism
What slogan is associated with the Bolshevik Revolution? Peace, Land and Bread
What was a direct result of World War I? Germany lost it colonies in Africa and Asia
What was a major cause of World War I? Militarism in the nations of Europe
Under communism in the former Soviet Union, people were required to do what? Put the interests of the state before individual gain
Which leader said this statement, "I promise peace, land and bread"? Vladimir Lenin
Many historians believe the harsh terms in the Treaty of Versailles helped lead to what? World War II
Which group was known for taking a 6,000 mile journey known as the "Long March"? Chinese communists fleeing the Nationalists
The Zimmerman note exposed the German plan to do what? Help Mexico regain U.S. territory
An incompetent government, massacres on Bloody Sunday, and the high costs of World War I were causes of what? Russian Revolution
Heavy military losses, food and fuel shortages and opposition to the Czar led to what? Russian Revolution
What leader is associated with civil disobedience and the Salt March? Gandhi
Who were the "Big Four" countries that met at the Paris Conference in 1919? USA, Great Britain, Italy, France
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