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Richard Nixon His presidency included New Federalism, the EPA, the Endangered Species Act, war in Vietnam and Cambodia, detente, Watergate, and resignation
Tinker v. Des Moines Supreme Court case protecting the first amendment free speech rights for students (black arm bands in protest against the Vietnam war)
Wisconsin v. Yoder Supreme court case protecting freedom of religion (Amish children not required attended school past 8th grade because the curriculum was counter to their value, beliefs, and way of life)
Phyllis Schlafly outspoken critic of the women's liberation movement
Environmental Protection Act (EPA) Federal agency that sets air and water pollution standers for cities, as well as monitoring and enforcing these standers- signed into law by Richard Nixon
Endangered Species Act protected species of plans and animals that are threatened with extinction
detente a relaxing and tensions between the united states and the soviet Union
New Federalism the Nixon administration sought to decentralize programs and devolve power to state and locally elected officials in reaction to the growth of the federal government under president Johnson
united states v. Nixon the Supreme Court ruled that Nixon was required to turn over the tapes of his own white house conversation
water-gates scandal Richard Nixon resigned the disgrace after attempting to cover up the connection between the campaign and a break -in at the democratic party headquarters
Gerald Ford Nixon vice president- he became president when Nixon resigned
OPEC the organization of petroleum Exporting counties- most were in Arab counties who used oil as a political weapon in the 1970s
Helsinki Accords an international agreement signed by the u.s., Canada and the soviet union, and most of European counties,organizing post-world war 2 borders and promising respect for human rights.
stagflation high employment combined with inflation
Jimmy Carter his presidency was marked by the creation of the department of energy, an effort to clear up the environment,stagflation, an emphasis on diversity,the panama canal treaty, camp David accords, the Iran hostage crisis
camp David accords hosted jimmy carter, a peace agreement between Israel and Egypt ended 30 years of war
Iran hostage crisis angry Iranian students too u.s. embassy staff and held them hostage for more than a year
three mile island the site of a nuclear power plant in the south central Pennsylvania that suffered a catastrophic meltdown and radiation lack in 1979
panama canal treaty President carter signed a treaty returning all of the panama zone except the canal itself to panama with the promise to turn over the canal by the end of the century
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