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Legal studies

Homicide S300
Murder S305
Manslaughter S310
GBH S320
Assault S245
Rape S349
Sexual assault S352
Stealing S398
Arson S461
Wilful damage to property S469
Dangerous driving causing death S328A
Driving under the influence of .. S328B
Max penalty for GBH 14 years
Max penalty for arson 25
Max penalty for graffiti 5
Max penalty for indecent graffiti 7 years
Max penalty for dangerous driving causing death 7 years
Max penalty for intoxicated driving causing death 10 years
Max penalty for high intoxicated driving causing death 14 years
What are the qualities of Homicide? Unlawfully kills another Murder or manslaughter Prove- killed, another person, unlawfully(3 steps)
The qualities of Murder Killing another person unlawfully
One difference between murder and manslaughter Intent
The four things need for GBH Caused, an injury that amounts to GBH to another person, unlawfully
Requirements for stealing Taking or converting, property of another, with fraudulent intent
Requirements for driving causing death Causing death by motor vehicle
Max penalty for stealing 5 years
Criminal responsibility Person needs to have a guilty mind Complete excuse
Ignorance of law Honest claim that they never had opportunity to learn law or was unable to
Accident Consequence could not be reasonably seen by an ordinary person
Mistake of fact Honest and reliable mistaken belief about facts
Insanity State of mental disease,deprived of capacity to understand what they where doing, different from epilepsy and other states of mind(jealous & anger)
Defences of intoxication Mind in disorder by drugs or alcohol that he or she was deprived of the capacities
Defence- Diminished Responsibilities Abnormal state of mind at time of killing
Defence- Provocation/ assault When someone attacks you and you act in a force that is disproportionate
Defence- Self Defence Use an amount of force that is reasonably necessary to defend themselves
What is a procurer Any person who gets another to commit an offence
What is murder When someone kicks another person unlawfully
What’s the difference between murder and man slaughter Intent
What is stealing Taking or converting Property of another for fraudulent intent
Intoxication Mind Is a draw or alcohol that he or she was deprived of the ability to understand what people she is doing
Definition of stealing Taking all converting property of another for fraudulent intent
Grievous bodily harm definition Causing injury that results in GBH to another person unlawfully
Created by: Tess.routley
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