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Civics M5 Review

Module 5 Review

Habeas Corpus Latin term, it means that someone who is arrested must be brought to court to hear the charges.
Presumption of Innocence Idea that a person is considered legally innocent of a crime until a jury decides he/she is guilty.
Trial by Jury Right guaranteed by the 5th amendment, a fair hearing by a group of peers who decides guilt or innocence
Right to Counsel Right guaranteed by the 6th amendment, an accused person has the right to a lawyer to represent them in court
Appeals Process Process to get a guilty verdict overturned by a higher court
Equal Protection Guarantee that all citizens be treated the same
Due Process Fair legal procedures, such as fair trials and trials by jury
Equal Protection Guarantee that all citizens be treated the same
Criminal Law Laws that prohibit actions that threaten and harm public safety and welfare.
Civil Law Laws about disputes between individuals or groups.
Juvenile Law Laws about young people under the legal age, usually 18
Tort A civil wrong where someone has been injured and wants compensation, or payment, for their injuries.
Felony A serious crime with a punishment of at least one year in jail.
Misdemeanor A less serious crimes that have punishment of less than a year in jail, or punishment of a fine
crime An illegal action that can be punished by government
Private Property Land, property and finances that belong to an individual.
Law Rules for a city, a state, or a country
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