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Karen Hernandez

Hemisphere one of the halves of Earth.
Core central part of something.
Vary to be different.
Phenomena things in nature that people find difficult to understand.
Flexible easily changed to suit a new situation.
Elevated raised off the ground.
Mesoamerica a region extending from central Mexico into northern Central America.
Slash-and-burn agriculture Farmers cleared small plots of land by cutting down forest and burning the felled trees and plants to use as fertilizer.
John L. Stephens played key roles in the rediscovery of Maya civilization.
Frederick Catherwood played key roles in the rediscovery of Maya civilization.
Drought is a prolonged period of little or no rainfall.
extended family a grouping of several related families that lived together.
sphere of influence is an area that is strongly influenced or dominated by a particular ruler or government.
alliance is an agreement between people or states to cooperate to achieve a common goal.
elite is a small group of highly privileged or skilled people.
hieroglyph is a symbol that stands for a word,idea or sound.
codex is an ancient book that was written by hand.
Pacal ruled the city of Palenque between A.D 615 and 638.
18 rabbit ruled Copan at its height.
stela is a carved stone slab or pillar usually created to celebrate an event or a person.
Created by: Karenh2
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