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Ch 56 JFK

Chapter 56 of Online Text, JFK Only.

Definition Term
Democratic Senator from MA Presidential candidate in 1960 Presidential Election JOHN F KENNEDY
President of the US from 1953-1961, Republican Dwight D Eisenhower
Republican Senator from CA Presidential candidate in 1960 Presidential Election Richard M Nixon
Democratic Senator from TX Vice Presidential Candidate in 1960 Election Lyndon B Johnson
Republican Vice Presidential Candidate in 1960 Election Henry Cabot Lodge
First televised debate for presidential election Election of 1960
Romaticized name for Kennedy White House, based on English legend Camelot
the first satellite to be placed in orbit It was Russian Sputnik
First human to orbit the Earth Soviet Yuri Gagarin
First US Astronaut to enter space Alan Sheperd
First US Astronaut to orbit the Earth John Glenn
JFK's military strategy to be able to adapt responses to foreign threats Flexible Response
Civilian Foreign Service, helped developing nations by go there for 2 years Peace Corps
Head of Peace Corps, JFK's Brother-in-Law Sargent Shriver
Development funds were granted to nations of the Western Hemisphere who were dedicated to fighting Communism Alliance for Progress
Failed US attempt to overthrow Castro in Cuba 1961 Bay of Pigs
Showdown with USSR over missiles in Cuba Cuban Missile Crisis
Gov of TX who was also shot in Dallas John Connally
Location of JFK assassination Dealey Plaza
Man known for killing JFK Lee Harvey Oswald
Man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald Jack Ruby
Stated location from where Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK TEXAS SCHOOL BOOK DEPOSITORY
Chief Justice of US Supreme Court Earl Warren
Group that reviewed JFK Assassination looking for conspiracy Warren Commission
Alleged location of second shooter in Kennedy Assassination Grassy Knoll
Created by: dsalvucci